G-Dragon-BLACKPINK's Lisa, YG Siblings, also known as Han Han-ryeong

G-Dragon-BLACKPINK’s Lisa, YG Siblings, also known as Han Han-ryeong

Han Han-ryeong means A law that bans Korean culture in China.

Bigbang’s G-Dragon and Blackpink Lisa, “YG siblings,” are proving their strong popularity in China. Despite Han Han Han-ryeong, their Advertising and braincasting makes the Korean Wave in China feel real.
Shares of YG Entertainment gained ground on Wednesday after G-Dragon was reported to be resuming his local activities by appearing in a Chinese beverage commercial. As a result of focusing on management stability such as re-signing Big Bang and clearing up deficit businesses, it has risen to the 30,000 won level in 40 days.

G-Dragon-BLACKPINK's Lisa, YG Siblings, also known as Han Han-ryeong

G-Dragon’s model is tea drink Chapai from Nongpushan, a comprehensive beverage brand famous for bottled water. It is a brand that advertised before joining the military, and will continue to be associated even after being discharged from the military. Two years ago, it became popular as a beverage bottle with G-Dragon’s face on it. The new advertisement was recently filmed somewhere in Korea. Witnesses were posted on SNS and the beverage company posted a teaser image on Weibo, a Chinese version of SNS. An ad photo was posted on G-Dragon’s official Weibo on Saturday, along with the phrase “Flower blooms, I’m back.”

It is unusual for top Korean celebrities to appear in Chinese advertisements since the Korean-Chinese age. Expectations also soared for the thawing mood of the Korean-Chinese age, along with news of G-Dragon’s commercial shooting. According to industry sources, Youku, dubbed China’s YouTube, has resumed its Japanese and Korean drama services in the drama category. Since THAAD, only Japanese dramas have been offered, but a number of popular Korean dramas in the past, such as “Reply 1994,” “The Sun of the Lord” and “Come Back Mister,” have been uploaded.

G-Dragon-BLACKPINK's Lisa, YG Siblings, also known as Han Han-ryeong

BLACKPINK is also continuing its performance in China. Member Lisa has properly proved her presence as a dance mentor for the Chinese audition program “Youth With You 2.” “Youth With You” is a Chinese version of “Produce 101,” which airs on China’s largest platform iQIYI, and in season 1, Moon Han, a former K-pop group Unique, made his debut as the center, drawing attention from both South Korea and China. Season 2 was produced on the women’s side and collaborated with the general election of local girl group SNH48.

Lisa earned the nickname “Bae Yoon-jung of the Chinese Audition” for her strict and sober assessment. It is attracting female fandom by giving unexpected charm to viewers who expected his cute charm. Instagram followers have also surged, becoming the largest number of active Korean celebrities to follow. It surpassed 30 million last month from 13 million followers last year, and the number of followers increased to more than 31.7 million as of Wednesday. South China Morning Post said, “No one would know the idol show characteristics better than Lisa. Based on what I’ve experienced in person, I’m giving practical advice,” he said, highlighting his performance.

BIGBANG and BLACKPINK heralded their launch this year. BLACKPINK is preparing for a new album, while Big Bang will be on the Coachella stage, which has been postponed to October in the aftermath of Corona 19. Lee Hwa-jung, a researcher at NH Investment & Securities, said, “We have a major lineup strong on music sources such as Big Bang and Black Pink, and efforts to expand our lineup and improve our structural constitution through our debut and Big Bang comeback are still valid.” Lee Jae-young, a researcher at Research Alum, said, “YG Plus will be in charge of the music and music distribution business of its parent company. Currently, YG’s album and music sales are between 45 billion won and 70 billion won a year. Excess profits are also possible this year, depending on the performance of major artists such as BIGBANG and BLACKPINK,” he explained.

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