San Diego Cop Stages Own Suicide and Solicits Prostitutes On-Duty, Faces Little Discipline: Report

A San Diego police officer staged his own suicide and solicited prostitutes while on-duty but faced little consequence for his actions.

A shocking report by inewsource and KPBS has shed light on a disturbing case of police misconduct in San Diego. According to the investigation, former San Diego police officer Cesar Alcantara staged his own suicide and solicited prostitutes while on-duty but faced little consequence for his actions.

Alcantara’s girlfriend, who was also a police officer on the force, left their home in Chula Vista to go to the beach alone, sparking a fight between the couple. When she returned home, she found Alcantara pretending to be dead on the floor surrounded by what she thought was blood. Alcantara then allegedly grabbed a loaded off-duty firearm and shot it at the floor, leading his girlfriend to believe he had committed suicide.

Despite the severity of the incident, no one reported it at the time. However, the issue was brought to light in 2021 after Alcantara’s wife told investigators about the gunshot and provided evidence that Alcantara had been soliciting prostitutes while on-duty. Internal affairs continued their investigation after Alcantara’s resignation and found text messages that showed he allegedly solicited prostitutes four times while on-duty.

Alcantara’s actions were found to be criminal, but he faced little consequence. The DA declined to prosecute him, and he was never formally reprimanded for his actions. He ultimately resigned from the force in May 2022, but is still eligible to serve as a police officer in California.

The case highlights the need for greater accountability and transparency in law enforcement. Despite the new state transparency laws, the San Diego Police Department failed to take appropriate action against Alcantara. As Alcantara’s wife said during the investigation, “I’m not trying to threaten his job. I’m not trying to railroad him or be vindictive. I just want to be sure that I’m able to get out without incident.”

The case is a sobering reminder of the power dynamics at play within law enforcement and the need for greater oversight to ensure that officers are held accountable for their actions.