"Solo Debut D-1"… MAMAMOO's Solar, "Spit it out" Teaser…an Enchanting Figure

“Solo Debut D-1″… MAMAMOO’s Solar, “Spit it out” Teaser…an Enchanting Figure

MAMAMOO’s Solar released an additional teaser for her solo debut song “SPIT IT OUT.”

On Tuesday, Solar released teaser images and videos of her first single “SPIT IT OUT” title track “SPIT IT OUT” and heated up her passion for her solo debut.

In the released photo, Solar leans on the floor and catches the eye with her deep eyes and captivating figure. In particular, she wore rubber gloves on her hands and matched colorful jewelry on them, raising questions about her new song “SPIT IT OUT” with a more ingenious and individualistic look than she imagined.

In the teaser video, Solar also appears majestic, presenting a “finger-tip performance” with prominent fingertips among dancers. With purple outfits and orange nail tips adding to the mysterious and colorful atmosphere, Solar’s honest, imposing song, “I live my life as I want to,” further highlighted her strong presence as a solo artist. In particular, Solar perfectly performed one-take shots to make the performance stand out more, signaling the birth of the “Performance Queen.”

Solar will release her first single “SPIT IT OUT” on April 23 and debut as a solo artist. The title track “SPIT IT OUT” is a song that has poured all Solar’s passion into challenging new things, and can be called well-made music that expresses Solar’s true self with music and personality. As Solar’s eight-color charm has emerged as an issue with her shaved hair, attention is being paid to Solar’s appearance through her solo debut song “SPIT IT OUT.”

Meanwhile, Solar will unveil her first single “SPIT IT OUT” on various music sites at 6 p.m. on April 23.

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