Taylor Swift defends fan from security guard during concert in Philadelphia

Taylor Swift halted her concert in Philadelphia to protect a fan from a security guard, who the fan claims was "harassing" her.

Taylor Swift showed her protective side during her recent concert in Philadelphia when she came to the aid of a fan who was being harassed by a security guard. The incident took place on the second night of her three-night hometown concert at Lincoln Financial Field.

During her performance of “Bad Blood,” Taylor noticed a commotion in the audience and stopped the show to confront the security guard. Video footage shows her yelling “She’s fine!” and “Hey! Stop!” at the guard.

The fan, identified as Kelly, later spoke out on social media, claiming that the security guard had been “harassing” her and her group all night. In a TikTok video, Kelly explained that the guard kept telling them not to touch the rail and was “on top of us” every time they did anything. “Taylor noticed that I was having fun and that he didn’t like it – and she didn’t like it,” Kelly said.

According to Kelly, the security guard was later escorted away and she and her friends were offered free tickets to the next night’s show. The Philadelphia leg of Taylor’s “Eras Tour” wrapped up with the final night’s show, which drew fans from all over the area, including those who didn’t have tickets.

Fans had been lining up for hours to buy merchandise in the days leading up to the concert, which was one of the biggest events of the year in Philadelphia. Despite the incident with the security guard, Taylor’s fans were thrilled with her performance and praised her for standing up for them.