"Ten times the number of inquiries" : Popular overseas rising stars on BTS' Buy recommendation

“Ten times the number of inquiries” : Popular overseas rising stars on BTS’ Buy recommendation

Overseas artists are screaming happily due to the BTS’s visit.

Lynnea Moore, a new American artist known for her recommendation by Bue recently on Fan Community Wivers, had an amazing experience of 10 times the number of views of YouTube videos in just 10 minutes after Bue’s song recommendation.

The song recommended by Bü was just a Boy by Alana Castillo, which Liney Moore covered with his own sense. The number of views that took 20,000 views for four days jumped to 200,000 views in just 10 minutes.

With gratitude, Liney Moore selected Bue’s own song Sweet Night as the next cover song, and Bue’s real names ‘Taehyung’ and ‘Sweet Night’ made headlines by decorating the American trending topic.

Liney Moore’s cover of Sweet Night has delighted fans with another emotion than an acoustic original song, and the cover video is gaining popularity with 500,000 views at once.

"Ten times the number of inquiries" : Popular overseas rising stars on BTS' Buy recommendation

Alaina Castillo, the original song of Just a Boy, also posted a thank-you post saying, “I’m so happy that I can not speak” when V selected her song on V-Live a few days ago.,Thanks to the response of global amis, Just a Boy soon entered the Top 50, rankings counted by the US and global sporty pie viral charts (SNS sharing).

Alaina said, “I put my best song, Singularity (Bue’s solo song) on the sporty pie playlist.” She showed her cute fanship by raising her sporty pie playlist and got a bigger response from fans.

Music Table, which is responsible for the domestic record distribution of her new EP album “The voicenotes” released in Korea on the 27th, promoted her with the title “BTS’s recommended pop newcomer” and said, “Just a boy” was announced in Korea last week when BTS member V recommended it by Naver V Live.

Brandon Evans, a singer-songwriter who posted a cover video of Bue’s Sweet Night on the 26th, also said, “I did not expect to receive such great attention when global amis exploded.,I will cover more BTS songs in the future! “

In addition, the main character of the postmodern jukebox (PMJ), which is in the TV video of Bue’s Gypcock Challenge, which has 13 million views, has become famous for its name in domestic and foreign media, and has been spotlighted after the recommendation or introduction of Bue, as well as other famous singer-songwriters such as Conan Gray, New Hope Club, Johnny Steamson, Jeremy Zucker, and Pink Sweat$. Musicians are asking for collaboration

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