Tense standoff with murder suspect in South LA ends in arrest

Armed suspect possibly connected to a murder was cornered by deputies in South LA after a chase and standoff, and eventually taken into custody.

In South Los Angeles, a tense standoff between an armed suspect and law enforcement officers took a dramatic turn. The suspect, who was possibly connected to a murder, refused to surrender despite the efforts of dozens of officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident unfolded in Huntington Park, where the suspect exited a vehicle after leading officers on a chase. Armed with two sharp objects, believed to be knives, the suspect proceeded to walk around the area, prompting law enforcement to use both a Taser and nonlethal rounds in an attempt to subdue him.

Despite being hit by both weapons, the suspect continued to get up and walk around, leading the deputies on a short but intense walk through a residential area in Huntington Park. After several hours of attempting to negotiate with the suspect, the deputies finally cornered and surrounded him, eventually taking him into custody.

At this time, officials have not disclosed which murder case the suspect may have been connected to. This is a developing story and we will provide updates as they become available.