Thieves snatch French bulldog from owner during morning walk in LA

A group of thieves attacked a man and snatched his French bulldog during a morning walk in Ladera Heights, Los Angeles. The family is desperately searching for the dog, named Bruno, who is microchipped. The French bulldog is a popular breed in LA and has been the target of numerous thefts. The emotional impact on the dog's owner, Stefan Becker, runs deep, and he is urging the attackers to be kind to his gentle and loving pet.

A family in Ladera Heights is desperately seeking their beloved French bulldog, Bruno, after he was snatched by a group of thieves who attacked his owner during a morning walk. Stefan Becker was walking with Bruno along Wooster Avenue when a group of masked men approached them, pushed Becker to the ground, kicked him, and took the dog. Becker estimates that there were between three and four attackers in their twenties who fled the scene in a silver Toyota Camry. Though Becker sustained some physical injuries in the attack, the emotional scars run deeper. He recalled how the attackers’ screams and yells will remain etched in his memory.

The family has microchipped Bruno, and they hope that he can be found and returned to them soon. In a message to the attackers, Becker urged them to be kind to Bruno, emphasizing the dog’s gentle and loving nature. Bruno’s theft is not an isolated incident, as there has been a spate of thefts of French bulldogs in Los Angeles, including the highly publicized case of Lady Gaga’s dogs. James Jackson, the suspect in that case, was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog was named the most popular dog breed in Los Angeles in 2022, making these pets a highly sought-after commodity for thieves. Despite their popularity and value, however, the emotional attachment and love that owners have for their pets are immeasurable. For Becker and his family, finding Bruno safe and sound is the only thing that matters.