Unique styling...Mamamoo Solar, Purple Suit+lip Bragging

Unique styling…Mamamoo Solar, Purple Suit+lip Bragging

Solar, a member of girl group MAMAMOO, boasted her unrivaled concept digestiveness.

MAMAMOO’s official Instagram on the 3rd said, “Inkigayo will air on SBS at 3:50 p.m. Last spit-out stage MooMoo with Bora Bora Yong posted two photos with the message “Let’s go!” In the picture, Solar is wearing a purple suit on top of the tank tower and showing off her popping makeup.

Netizens who saw this responded in various ways, including “I love ‘SPIT IT OUT’,” “Yongsun is cute,” and “The Queen.”

Meanwhile, Solar released her solo album “SPIT IT OUT” on April 23 and worked as the title track “Spit Out.”

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