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A video clip of a hydrogen campaign with BTS is making headlines.
This is Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen campaign ” Because of You, ” which was released on the social networking site of Hyundai Motor on Tuesday. Each of the members of BTS filmed one video to convey the meaning that Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen energy technology is advancing for each and every customer.
Members of BTS such as Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, V, Sugar and J-Hope share a message about a sustainable future through hydrogen energy in their videos.

HyundaI x BTS : Message from Jimin

” For rest. “
” For rest.Our rest comes from forests “

HyundaI x BTS : Message from V

” Like the first snow, the world is full of surprises. “” Just like the first snow, the world is full of unexploded pictures “

HyundaI x BTS : Message from J-Hope

” Like the sun, our future shines. “” Just like the light sun, may our future shine bright “

HyundaI x BTS : Message from RM

” Like a clear world waiting at the end of the rain washing everything down. “” After the rain wash everything away, a clear world honors “

HyundaI x BTS : Message from SUGA

” Just as the vast universe is lit by the stars, our energy together can brighten the future. “” Like counterteses standing up on the universe, our future lights up when we come together “

HyundaI x BTS : Message from Jin

” Like the sky with clouds, moon and stars, the more beautiful we are. “” Like the sky-living with the cloud, moon and are more beautiful together “

HyundaI x BTS : Message from Jung Kook

” Just as the waves are rolling in, so are our possibilities. “” Like the engines waves, our possibilities are integral “

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