Video of Barstow Police Officer Using Baton on Unarmed Black Man Causes Outrage

A video showing a Barstow police officer repeatedly hitting an unarmed Black man with a baton during an arrest has sparked outrage. The incident was recorded by a witness who says the man, Gary Christian, was not resisting arrest. Barstow police claim that Christian physically assaulted the officer before the baton was used. The department is conducting an investigation to determine if the officer's use of force was justified.

A video of a police officer using excessive force on a man in California has gone viral. The officer was seen hitting a man with a baton while he was on the ground. However, police have said that the man, Gary Christian, was resisting arrest and physically assaulted the officer.

A community investigation has been launched to determine if the force used by the police was in accordance with current laws and policies. The incident follows a recent spate of police brutality cases, particularly against the black community, which has sparked nationwide protests in the US.