Violent Career Criminal Escapes Incarceration in LA due to Mental Health Diversions, Accused of Killing Innocent Father

A violent criminal in LA was repeatedly given mental health diversions instead of prison time and is now accused of killing a father. The case highlights the danger of California's loose mental health diversion laws and the soft-on-crime approach of the LA County DA. The suspect had a lengthy criminal history of violent felonies with knives but was never jailed. Law enforcement sources blame the disastrous combination of mental health diversion laws and the DA's approach for the tragedy, calling for a functional mental health system that includes lockdown mental health facilities.

A violent criminal accused of fatally stabbing an innocent man was on the streets instead of jail, as she was given mental health treatment instead of prison time due to California’s loose mental health diversion laws.

Law enforcement sources have revealed that the suspect had a lengthy criminal history of assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and multiple violent felonies with knives.

However, Jade Simone Brookfield was never incarcerated and was repeatedly given mental health diversions, even though she absconded from the program once.

This case highlights the potential disastrous consequences of combining California’s diversion laws with Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s approach of seeking diversion whenever possible. The suspect was charged with murder in April after she allegedly fatally stabbed Dennis Banner during an argument in a street.