ENHYPEN sang the title songs ‘Drunk-Dazed’ and ‘FEVER’ of ‘BORDER: CARNIVAL’ in succession, opening the curtain for ‘2022 Weverse Con’. Then, ‘Blockbuster (like an action movie) feat. On the stage of ‘Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun appeared and heated up the atmosphere.

Fromis_9 & BUMZU

Fromis_9 and BUMZU’s stage was released. Fromis_9 boasted a fresh and energetic appeal with ‘Feel Good (SECRET CODE)’ and ‘WE GO’, which added fun to the performance using red heels. BUMZU opened the stage with ‘JUST’, sang the new songs ‘I shouldn’t have loved’ and ‘28.5’ with explosive singing power and deep emotion, raising immersion.

Seo Taiji, stage

Starting with speeches by Taehyun of Tomorrow x Together, Seoyeon Lee of Fromis_9, and Heeseung of ENHYPEN as presenters, a live session of ‘Seo Taiji Band’ was held together. From ‘Happy Song’ sung by ENHYPEN, BUMZU ‘Internet War’, Lee Hyun ‘To You’, Dvwn ‘Morning Snow’, Fromis_9’s ‘Sogyeokdong’, followed by Tomorrow x Together’ ‘Come Back Home’. Artists have worked on Seo Taiji’s masterpieces. Artists reinterpreted them in their own colors. In the turn of ‘Last Festival’, BUMZU, Dvwn, ENHYPEN, Fromis_9, Tomorrow X Together, and Lee Hyun appeared on the stage side by side and presented a deep impression and lingering impression with their beautiful harmony.

Tomorrow x Together

Tomorrow x Together is the title track of ‘Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE’, ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori’ (zero by one love song) opened their own stage. Those who overwhelm the attention with their spectacular performances, followed by ‘Anti-Romantic’ and ‘Frost’ with Huening Kai’s solo performance, followed by ‘No Rules’ and ‘Magic’ mashup, ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER'(Loser Lover).

Justin Bieber

Despite the fact that Justin Bieber’s stage was shown non-face-to-face. but, delivering an experience as if seeing it in real LIVE. On the stages of ‘Somebody’, ‘Hold on’, and ‘Love You Different’, they dominated the stage with a cosy groove. Justin Bieber delighted the eyes and ears of global fans with his mega-hit song ‘Anyone’, ‘Peaches’, which he sang while playing the keyboard himself.


SEVENTEEN decorated the ending of ‘2022 Weverse Con’. SEVENTEEN started with the title song ‘CLAP’ of their 2nd standard album ‘TEEN, AGE’ released in 2017, and composed mixed compositions such as a dance break and a band version setup with ‘HIT’, ‘Ready to love’, ‘Left & Right’. SEVENTEEN presented a performance that combines intensity and freshness, ended their offline concert with the ‘Rock with you’ stage in the scorching heat.



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