Westlake High School Student Struck By Car Faces Long Road to Recovery

Blase Anderson, a 15-year-old Westlake High School student, was hit by a car outside of school, leaving him with severe injuries and facing a long road to recovery. The tragic accident, which also claimed the life of a classmate, has left the community reeling.

Westlake High School is still reeling from the tragic accident that occurred on April 18th when a vehicle struck four students, killing one and severely injuring the others. Among the injured was 15-year-old Blase Anderson, who sustained injuries so severe that he requires surgery and will be unable to bear weight on his leg for approximately nine months.

Anderson’s family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical costs, as the accident could not have come at a worse time for them. His mother recently returned to work after her own surgery and is not in a financial position to take more time off and lose health benefits. The campaign has already raised over $1,500, demonstrating the community’s support for Anderson and his family.

According to Anderson’s aunt, Kourtnee McTeer, Blase is an avid sportsman who loves golfing, fishing, snowboarding, and many other activities. McTeer describes him as a bright and witty individual who has a long road to recovery ahead.

The driver of the car, 24-year-old Austin Eis, is a former Westlake High School student who may have intentionally run over the students. He was also wanted in connection with the stabbing of a Walmart employee in Simi Valley before the deadly crash. Eis faces several felony charges and has been denied bail.

As the community continues to process this tragic event, they have come together to support Blase Anderson and his family in any way possible. Though he has a long road ahead, Anderson’s loved ones are hopeful that he will make a full recovery and return to the activities he loves.

The incident has left the community heartbroken, and Westlake High School has since established a support team for students and staff affected by the tragedy. The school’s principal, Jason Branham, expressed his condolences and stated that counseling services would be available to those who needed them.

The loss of Wesley Welling, Anderson’s classmate, has also been felt deeply by the Westlake High School community. Welling was remembered by his friends and teachers as a kind and caring person who always had a smile on his face. A memorial for Welling was held on campus, with students and staff coming together to honor his memory.

The tragic accident has been a wake-up call for the Thousand Oaks community, as it highlights the dangers of reckless driving and the importance of road safety. As Anderson continues his long road to recovery, the community will continue to support him and his family, with the hope that he will soon be able to return to the activities he loves.