Shooting Erupts Outside Pasadena Courthouse

A violent altercation between a pedestrian and a driver outside Pasadena courthouse resulted in a shooting, leaving the community on edge. Police are investigating the incident.

Pasadena was rocked by a shocking incident that unfolded outside the courthouse earlier today. An altercation between a pedestrian and a driver quickly turned violent, resulting in shots being fired. The incident, which took place at around 10:15 a.m., left the community on edge as officials investigate the incident.

As of now, little is known about what led to the altercation and whether or not the driver was involved. However, city officials have confirmed that a weapon was recovered and the pedestrian has been detained. The driver is currently being sought by police.

In response to the shooting, the nearby Westin hotel was placed on lockdown to ensure the safety of its guests and staff. The incident has caused alarm in the community, raising concerns about the safety of Pasadena and its residents.

The investigation is ongoing, and police have not released any further details at this time. We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as more information becomes available.