WI launches 10 character-using products from BTS

WI, a character and brand licensing company, announced on the 8th that it will launch a product using BTS characters.

WI has been granted the right to use BTS character licenses for a total of 10 products, including mini fans, air purifiers, USB memory and bang hair rolls.

All products will be stocked and sold in online sales channels and offline stores, including the WI online store “With Shop,” which produces and sells various character licensing products between July and August.

Byun Ik-sung, CEO of WI, said, “This contract will introduce products that utilize BTS characters,” and added, “We will plan and produce products through careful and careful work.”

WI is an IP licensing company that plans, manufactures and sells various mobile accessories and small appliances through licensing contracts for famous characters and brands at home and abroad. Its flagship products include “Kakao Friends,” “Pengsoo” and “Mercedes Benz” IP.

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