Woman’s Dream Home Turns into Nightmare Due to Snake Infestation

A woman's dream of owning a home turned into a nightmare when she discovered snakes infesting her new house in Colorado.

Moving into a new home is often an exciting experience for homeowners, but for one Colorado woman, it quickly turned into a nightmare. Upon moving into her new house in Centennial, the woman discovered that it was infested with snakes.

The 42-year-old single mother, identified as Hall, described how the legless reptiles had nested inside and underneath their new house, burrowing within the drywall and under the patio. “I started watching, and there were more and more and more snakes,” she said.

Hall has spent over $1,000 seeking professional help with the infestation. The family has used traps and hired a snake wrangler to help dispose of the pests. Despite her efforts, the situation has yet to be resolved, and Hall has expressed her fear of living in the house peacefully.

To make matters worse, the real estate agent who facilitated the sale has reportedly not been cooperating with her complaints. Hall is not unpacking her belongings or committing to moving into the home until the issue is resolved.

“I just want somebody to be responsible for whatever it takes to get them out,” Hall said. “To be honest with you, I don’t know if I can even live here peacefully. I’m petrified.”