YG’s Rookie Group TREASURE Challenges on Making Healthy Food… Shares Appreciation Towards Their Parents

YG’s Rookie Group TREASURE Challenges on Making Healthy Food… Shares Appreciation Towards Their Parents

YG’s rookie group TREASURE improved their teamwork and their appreciation towards their parents by challenging on cooking healthy food together.

On April 24 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment uploaded episode 15 of ‘TREASURE MAP’ through their official blog and TREASURE’s official YouTube channel.

The clip showed TREASURE dividing into two teams and cooking healthy food using organic ingredients as a mission. Despite having poor skills, the members worked hard to cook lunch, dinner, and dessert while helping each other and making unforgettable memories.

After wearing an apron and cooking gloves, the members began preparing for lunch. The ‘Jjimdak Team’ was composed of members JIHOON·JUNKYU·YOON JAE HYUK·BANG YE DAM·DOYOUNG·PARK JEONG WOO. JIHOON who showed talent in woodchopping taught the members on how to use knives, as he previously learned through YouTube. JUNKYU had a hard time while cutting carrots while YOON JAE HYUK poured sugar into the sauce without hesitation, making the viewers burst into laughter.

The ‘Jeon Team’, composed of CHOI HYUN SUK·YOSHI·MASHIHO·ASAHI·HARUTO·SO JUNG HWAN, prepared pumpkin jeon and potato jeon. The team prepared the ingredients better than the Jjimdak Team, starting out well. ASAHI and HARUTO cut potatoes together while presenting their chemistry as the ‘potato boys’, while the youngest member SO JUNG HWAN surprised the others by showing off his rice cooking skills.

The two teams helped each other and prepared food with sincerity. The members then tasted the completed lunch menu and were put in awe. Although they’ve had a hard time cooking food with their clumsy skills, the members of TREASURE shared a precious lunch that tasted better than anything.

TREASURE then presented their fabulous chemistry while preparing for dinner and dessert. PARK JEONG WOO began boiling meant to make bossam. When steam started to come out of the iron pot, the ‘4 bossam boys’, YOSHI·ASAHI·BANG YE DAM·PARK JEONG WOO, began blowing wind while showing their aspects as the ‘TREASURE of will’. JIHOON and JUNKYU calmly prepared ingredients and measured the perfect ratio for the sauce to complete spicy kimchi geotjeori.

CHOI HYUN SUK, the eldest member, showed confidence while stating that he has previously made crepe before, which was the dessert menu. YOON JAE HYUK·DOYOUNG·HARUTO·SO JUNG HWAN melted the chocolate in the pan without pre-heating, making the ‘signature TREASURE chocolate sauce’. MASHIHO stirred the crepe with his bare hands and earned the nickname ‘master of turning crepes’, putting the viewers into laughter.

In the end, the members shared love towards their parents. While cleaning up the dishes, YOSHI revealed his gratitude on many things he thought was given and stated, “I thank my mother”. The members of TREASURE yelled, “Mom and dad, I love you”.

While currently on a full-scale debut project, TREASURE is communicating with the global fans through various self-produced contents including ‘TREASURE MAP’ which covers the story of 12 creators, ‘A 3 Minute TREASURE’, ‘TMI’ which covers the behind stories of the group’s schedule scenes, ‘Fact Check’ which solves the fans’ curiosities, and the group’s profile photo series.

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