Yoon Bo-mi of Apink, the reason why she introduced the sign language version of the fan song 'The Wave'

Yoon Bo-mi of Apink, the reason why she introduced the sign language version of the fan song ‘The Wave’

Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi performed their fan song “The Wave” in sign language. She said she wanted to give gifts to deaf fans who love her on the occasion of Disabled People’s Day. Netizens are cheering for Yoon Bo-mi’s move.

On April 20, Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi posted a video of her fan song “The Wave” on her personal YouTube channel. In a video comment, Yoon Bo-mi said, “Let’s also remember April 20 as the Day of the Disabled together! It was actually a day that I could pass by without realizing it, but I happened to look at the calendar and found out that it was Disabled Day. Suddenly, I thought of our pandas who always come to the concert in wheelchairs and come a long way, so I thought I should remember this day and be with them. And thank you so much to my friends and teachers for asking me to take a long way from Suwon to Seoul.”

In the video, Yoon Bo-mi explained why she filmed the video while signing her own sign language. She also expressed her love for fans by presenting sign language that fits the lyrics of “The Wave.”

At the end of the video, Yoon Bo-mi explained about Disabled People’s Day. She also asked for attention to Disabled People’s Day once again, saying, “The reason I filmed this video is to celebrate Disabled People’s Day, but I really wanted to play ‘The Wave’ for our hearing-impaired fans.”

Netizens who saw this responded in various ways, such as “Good-hearted Bo-mi, who even considers fans with hearing impairments,” and “There was an angel like this?”

Meanwhile, Apink, which includes Yoon Bo-mi, made a comeback on April 13 with its new song “Dumhdurum” and celebrated its ninth anniversary on April 19.

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