WINNER Reveals Live Performance Clip for ‘Remember’… Vocals That Sound Like CDs

WINNER Reveals Live Performance Clip for ‘Remember’… Vocals That Sound Like CDs

The live performance clip of WINNER’s ‘Remember’ has been revealed. It became a hot topic among music fans due to the members’ beautiful vocal tone and skills.

On April 11, YG Entertainment uploaded the live performance clip of ‘Remember’, the title song from WINNER’s third full album, through their official blog.

The video presented WINNER’s mournful vocals and lyrical guitar riffs creating harmony, touching the fans heart in a gentle way. Also, the bland yet ardent lyrics of ‘Remember’ made the listeners feel certain emotions.

Moreover, WINNER’s live performance skills surprised the viewers. The members freely switched from natural singing to falsetto while also presenting the emotions and feelings for each part, proving their nickname ‘WINNER you trust and listen to’ once again.

After being released on April 9, ‘Remember’ topped 5 major Korean music charts. As of April 10, the album also topped the ‘Retail Album Chart’ of Gaon and the ‘Daily Albums Chart’ of Hanteo.

The album is also achieving successful results overseas. In addition to topping iTunes Album charts in 20 different countries, WINNER was also ranked at no. 1 on the K-Pop and Pop charts of iTunes Japan, in addition to the Daily Digital Album Sales chart of QQ Music, China.

WINNER’s 3rd full album ‘Remember’ was created for the fans with the meaning, ‘Let’s remember each other’. Not only the title song ‘Remember’, but also other listed tracks in various genres are receiving positive reviews.

The fans reviewed, “There are no songs to skip. All 12 songs are masterpieces”, “My memories with WINNER spread out in a panoramic view”, and “Thank you for this album. I’m happy that I loved WINNER”.

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