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YoonJongShin staying in the United States with the ‘Gentile Project’
YoonJongShin “Emotional exchange is cut off … and I want you to endure and be patient”

Singer YoonJongShin, who stays abroad with the ‘Gentile Project’, releases a new song on the 27th that includes the daily life completely changed to ‘COVID-19’.

〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 The April issue of ‘고립’ is a song written down by YoonJongShin, who is currently isolated in a rural village near New York, USA, and feels like a diary, feeling extreme isolation and isolation.

As you can see in the lyrics of ‘아무도 말을 걸지 않아 / 눈길을 다 피해가 / 스치는 인연도 없어 / 모두 저만치에’, it is said that the emotional exchange that occurred naturally in everyday life has been cut off as if someone had ordered a ban.

While walking on the road, I can’t even pass a light eye greeting and a ritual greeting, ‘How are you doing?’ And it’s a day when no one can answer ‘Good!’ It’s because everyone already knows that they are living enduringly, hoping that everything will pass by.

YoonJongShin said, “There are certain discriminations that we have to feel because we are foreigners, but if we do so, it will be harder for us to try to think better.” And conveyed the situation.

“When I encountered such an extreme situation, I found out that ‘I am trying to avoid seeing things negatively, and to try to think as positively as possible,'” he said. “Whenever I find myself who I didn’t know, I am here now. I am grateful for the ‘foreigner project’ brought to Korea. “

YoonJongShin unveils April issue '고립' on the 27th ... "I'm trying to feel good in an extreme situation"
YoonJongShin unveils April issue ‘고립’ on the 27th … “I’m trying to feel good in an extreme situation”

I wrote lyrics in a straightforward way, and to express the hazy feelings of a confined life, I referenced the musical nuances of Lee Jang Hee and Korean psychedelic rock represented by ‘산울림’. Written and composed by YoonJongShin and arranged by 015B Jung Suk Won.

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