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An Expert who Read the Diary of the Late GOO HARA Said, "She has never been loved unconditionally"

(PRESSREELS) The diary of the late singer GOO HARA(KARA) has been released for the first time in more than eight months, drawing much attention.

Her diary contained her feelings from the time of her debut until her death.

JTBC’s “Lee Kyu-yeon’s Spotlight,” which aired on July 23, dealt with an inheritance division suit between GOO HARA’s bereaved families after the death of GOO HARA under the title “Ask if they are eligible for a child or birth mother.”

In the process, the production team of “Spotlight” confirmed the feelings of GOO HARA in six diaries through experts.

The expert said that the presence of parents is different, saying, “Dad calls me ‘Dad’ but mom calls me by my name.”

“My mother may have been a birth mother because she thinks it’s not a biological mother, but a place where everyone thinks it’s a resting place and a comforting place, but she might have had a stronger image of her as a resting place, not a birth mother,” she said in her diary. “It’s more likely that it’s a message like, ‘I’m tired because I want to be comforted.’

The expert then said in her diary that the expression “Is it okay for me to be loved?” is an emotion that appears in people who are late enough to be loved or those who have never been unconditionally loved.

Meanwhile, the birth mother of GOO HARA, who was interviewed for the first time on the day, said, “There have been a lot of contacts from reporters, but we haven’t,” adding, “We wouldn’t want that either.”

“Which parent would not want to raise a child? But there is my story. I got out of the house with a bag without a job. “I wanted to raise one, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t raise one.

She also explained that “I said I ran away from home because of the wind, but that’s not true,” and that her husband came with a knife and threatened to kill him, which was violent.

Finally, her biological mother said, “Hara came to me. I wanted my mom. “I didn’t suddenly show up and ask for money,” she said. “I asked them to travel together and eat a lot of delicious food.”

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