Apink, previewing their new song "Dumhdurum."'Spanish + Oriental'

Apink, previewing their new song “Dumhurum.”‘Spanish + Oriental’

Apink has announced a strong comeback with preview videos of its 9th mini-album and first video teaser videos.

Their agency PlayM Entertainment released a highlight medley video on the 10th on Apink’s official SNS and fan cafe, featuring previews of songs from its ninth mini album “LOOK,” including the title track “Dumhdurum.”

In the two-minute video, the title track “Dumhdurum” flowed out, captivating the ears at once with its intense addictive sound.

“Dumhdurum” is a dance song that contains the meaning of “My heart is calm before my departed love,” and the addictive chorus, melody and spanish yet oriental sensibility capture Apink’s unique charm, foreshadowing three consecutive hits that connect “I’m So Sick” and “%%”.

In addition, the preview video was filled with only “Yummy,” a dance song that expresses love tactfully with sweet taste, Cho Rong, Eun Ji and Nam Joo’s “Be Myself,” Bo Mi, Na Eun and Ha Young’s “Love is Blind” and “Overwrite,” a ballad song that specifically describes their calmness in the face of parting, and “Every Moment,” a ninth anniversary fan song.

It also included the eighth anniversary fan song, ‘Everybody Ready?’

On April 12, the trailer version teaser was released.

Apink will release its ninth mini-album “LOOK” on Wednesday. Apink’s new book “LOOK,” which is gradually taking off its veil with colorful teaser releases, is about “me,” which means “I love myself as I am, and I will live as I see it.”

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