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The girl group BLACKPINK released their first regular album five years after their debut. BLACKPINK Jennie, who first brought out the first regular album that both members and fans met after a long wait, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “I was bruised while practicing dance, and who was more likely to compete.” BLACKPINK introduced a new song’How You Like Like That’ in an online showcase on the 26th.

This song is a hip-hop song with BLACKPINK personality and charisma. BLACKPINK Jennie, who first delivered a comeback testimony, said, “It was the first challenge of a regular album, so the process of getting here was long.” said. “I want to give you a hopeful message,” Jisoo emphasized through this album. Rose especially pointed out that she was looking forward to Lisa’s dynamic performance.

The visual part also foresaw a change. Jennie said, “We tried to make the concept colorful. Also, because it has more hip-hop elements than the songs we have presented so far, it will show another look.” BLACKPINK recently tried to collaborate with foreign singers such as Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa. Jennie said, “I had a conversation on the phone with Lady Gaga. “BLACKPINK personality and color are good. It was an honor to tell us first that we are fans of our music.”

Jisoo replied with a bright expression, “This collaboration has a positive effect on us. Through musical exchange, it shows a new look, and it is an opportunity for good stimulation with each other.” BLACKPINK will open’Countdown Live’ on V Live and YouTube official channels from 5 pm, 1 hour before the release of the new song, and communicate with global fans. It will be released for the first time through Fallon (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

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