BLACKPINK Jenny's make-How to Make-up for 'Natural Chic'

BLACKPINK Jennie’s make-How to Make-up for ‘Natural Chic’

Amorepacific’s beauty brand “Hera” has presented a new makeup trend in line with the spring and summer seasons of 2020 and the culture of going out, which has been changed to wear masks.

2020 Spring and Summer Makeup Trend Look is ‘Neutral Chic’ that utilizes minimal eye makeup and natural skin glow-oriented skin glow.

First of all, for basic makeup, it is more important to emphasize the natural skin glow (skin glow) of the skin than the exaggerated highlighter. It expresses a clear and healthy foundation by expressing natural skin tone as if it were her own skin.

Rather than a perfect cover, She emphasized the naturalness of the skin texture. If you outline your face lightly with a light blusher, you can create a chic mood.

For lip makeup, use pale lip gloss or lip balm. It emphasizes naturalness by revealing the natural color of the lips or applying light colors.

Unlike last season’s clear emphasis on eyebrows, eye makeup is a trend of natural shading that gives depth with a light color.

Use a bold eyeliner or mascara to emphasize the eyelashes. However, it does not add a noticeable strong color.

Kim Dong-hyun, senior artist of makeup at Brand Hera, said, “We expect skin glow makeup to continue in the spring of 2020 that reveals the natural glow of the skin by wearing a mask.”

“The outline of the face is light and the lip color is also expressed in a color that is close to the original color, so that there is no big difference between daily life and before and after wearing the mask,” he said. “The eye makeup boldly expresses the eyes, but does not add a big color to suit natural skin production.”

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