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BLACKPINK Proven to be the Best K-Pop Group Through ‘Data’



Group BLACKPINK is proving themselves as the best K-Pop group through data. 

On January 1(local time), ‘Touring Data’ announced that BLACKPINK’s first-ever world tour titled ‘2019 IN YOUR AREA’ became the most successful concert tour by a Korean female group in history. ‘Touring Data’ specializes in aggregating concert tour box office data. 

The agency reported various records along with their announcement. According to Touring Data, BLACKPINK became the only group in history to reach 1 million dollars in sales per concert on 4 different continents, including Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania. 

In North America, they were recorded as the 10th Asian artist in history to reach 1 million dollars in sales through a single concert. 

Touring Data wrote, “In 2019, BLACKPINK’s concert at The Forum, Inglewood, was the highest grossing single concert in history by a female group in North America”. 

They also added, “BLACKPINK’s concert at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, was the highest grossing and the most attended single concert in history by a female group in Oceania”. 

The scale of a world tour is an objective figure which one can estimate an artist’s global popularity. BLACKPINK is reviewed to have surpassed the levels of existing K-Pop girl groups through their large tour scale, according to statistics announced by Touring Data.

Starting with their first-ever solo concert in Korea titled ‘In Your Area’, held in Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena back in November 2018, BLACKPINK met their global fans through a world tour held in 23 cities of 4 continents including Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, LA, Chicago, Hamilton, Newark, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Amsterdam, Manchester, London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Macau, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Among all concerts, tickets for a total of 22 concerts held in Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, LA, Chicago, Hamilton, Newark, Atlanta, Fort Worth, London, Paris, Macau, and Melbourne were sold out. The average seat-share rate of their world tour turned out to be 96.6%.

If a K-Pop girl group dictionary exists, the first line for the definition of ‘BLACKPINK’ would be described as a girl group announced by YG Entertainment in 7 years since ‘2NE1’. Their songs ‘BOOMBAYAH’ and ‘WHISTLE’, listed on their first single album, do not differ that much from the original styles of 2NE1.

However, BLACKPINK is not 2NE1. They have appealed their loveliness rather than their strong charisma, establishing themselves as the original BLACKPINK rather than a second version of 2NE1. 

The heated popularity of their mini album ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ and its title song ‘Kill This Love’ proves this fact. Through this song, BLACKPINK has set the best records in K-Pop girl group history on global music charts.

BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’ entered Billboard’s main charts including the ‘Hot 100’ as no. 41 and the ‘Billboard 200’ as no. 24. They are Billboard’s main single and album charts, respectively. They’ve also entered UK’s Official Singles Chart Top 100 as no. 33, setting the best record in K-Pop girl group history as well as setting their own best record. They’ve remained charted on Billboard and Official Charts for 4 and 5 consecutive weeks respectively, proving that they can maintain their popularity in the ‘long run’ rather than receive the spotlight ‘momentarily’. 

BLACKPINK is planning to release a new album early this year. The industry is expecting that the group will set new milestones that will surpass their latest release, ‘Kill This Love’.

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BLACKPINK Tops The NEW K.ID’s Weekly Chart With The Release of ‘THE ALBUM’

NEW K.ID, the No.1 TV channel for all K-Pop entertainment and source (, announced its weekly chart for the 1st week of October.



NEW K.ID, the No.1 TV channel for all K-Pop entertainment and source (, announced its weekly chart for the 1st week of October.

[Weekly Idol]

BLACKPINK is making history. BLACKPINK’s first studio album that was released on October 6th, ‘THE ALBUM’, once again shattered both everyone’s expectations and the sales record. The world’s only music sales tracker that has big data on K-pop, Hanteo Chart, revealed that BLACKPINK sold more than 590,000 of their highly anticipated album since its release. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise following ‘THE ALBUM’ surpassing one million in pre-order sales. Since its digital release, ‘THE ALBUM’ ranked #1 on the iTunes album chart in 57 different countries while landing 7th on the Apple Music album chart, showcasing their global popularity. Half of the songs featured on the album broke into the Spotify Chart Top 10 with ‘Lovesick Girls’ ranking 3rd, ‘Bet You Wanna’ ranking 4th, ‘Pretty Savage’ ranking 8th, and ‘ICE Cream’ ranking 10th. Furthermore, ‘Lovesick Girls’ Music Video also surpassed 100 million views on YouTube within only 75 hours since its release, becoming BLACKPINK’s 22nd video to get more than 100 million views on YouTube.

[Weekly Hot News]

Ranked at #3, AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun is finally making her long-awaited solo debut. AKMU’s agency, YG Entertainment, revealed a poster teasing Su-hyun’s solo debut on October 5th. The poster shows a space illustration with a UFO driver’s license under Su-hyun’s name. Last August, YG Entertainment announced that AKMU is preparing a comeback in 3 phases. Su-hyun’s solo debut since AKMU’s debut 6 years ago will be the first installation of their comeback. YG official remarked that Su-hyun’s first solo single will be out of ordinary and will most definitely surprise the listeners with never heard sounds. The agency also commented that Su-hyun will be showcasing a side of her never seen before as a duo in AKMU and that the song will become a mainstream hit.

Photo @akmu_suhyun Instagram

At the 5th place is TREASURE who released the Music Video of ‘B.L.T’ out of the blue. ‘B.L.T (BLING LIKE THIS)’, which is featured on TREASURE’s second single album, ‘THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER TWO’, is a song that tells the story of a shining galaxy and making memories while stargazing the endless space. Although ‘B.L.T’ was not a title track, it garnered similar popularity and reception as their title track, ‘I LOVE YOU’. Fans fell in love with the upbeat sound and TREASURE’s signature bright personality showcased in ‘B.L.T’. Naturally, fans have been asking for a music video of ‘B.L.T’ ever since. The music video, which shows the 12 members candidly having fun among one another, is getting a great response from TREASURE MAKER. TREASURE is solidifying themselves as the super rookie of K-Pop with ‘I LOVE YOU’ topping iTunes top song chart in 9 different countries.

Ranked at #10, NCT is making a comeback on October 12th with ‘NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1’. The new album will capture NCT 2020’s identity and their individual personalities and is expected to be one of the biggest NCT projects thus far. The album will include contributions from all 21 original members plus 2 new additional members. Furthermore, the album will include an afrobeat song, ‘Music, Dance’ from NCT 127, hip-hop dance music, ‘Déjà vu’ from NCT DREAM, catchy music with the synthesizer, ‘Nectar’ from WayV, and more. It is also anticipated to include more different genres of songs such as acoustic and R&B hip-hop. ‘NCT – The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1’ will be releasing on October 12th at 6 PM KST.

NEW K.ID, the only TV channel that allows viewers to enjoy K-POP Idol-related content programming 24/7 and exclusive episodes curated from 10K+ videos, is available at CH 511 for free on LG Smart TVs and XUMO apps on all Internet-connected devices.

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BTS ‘DNA’ music video has surpassed 1.1 billion views on YouTube

BTS’s DNA music video YouTube views released three years ago exceeded 1.1 billion views.



BTS 'DNA' music video has surpassed 1.1 billion views on YouTube

BTS‘s DNA music video YouTube views released three years ago exceeded 1.1 billion views.

Big Hit Entertainment said that the DNA music video exceeded 1.1 billion views for the first time among BTS music videos at 7:28 am on May 5.,DNA is the title song of BTS‘ mini album Love Yourself Seung (LOVE YOURSELF HER), released on September 18, 2017.

The music video visually expresses the message through virtual reality and scene transitions that seem to cross space, and the choreography of BTS across individuals, units and groups also fills the screen.,BTS is the first Korean singer to enter the Billboard main single chart Hot 100, and the album recorded simultaneously entered the main album chart Billboard 200.,DNA has been on the Hot 100 for four consecutive weeks, and the album has been on the Billboard 200 for six consecutive weeks.

BTS has 26 billion views and music videos including DNA.,Following DNA, Boy With Luv has exceeded 970 million views, and Fake Love, Idol and MIC Drop remixes have exceeded 700 million views.

Meanwhile, the music video views of BTS member Jay Hop’s solo song Chicken Noodle Soup also exceeded 200 million views at around 3:08 a.m. on the same day.,Chicken Noodle Soup, released last September, is a re-created song by quoting a chorus in the same title song by Webstar and Young B.,He worked with American singer and actor Becky G. Jay-Hop in Korean, and Becky Z in Spanish.

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