BLACKPINK’s ‘STAY’ Music Video has Surpassed 200 Million Views

Black Pink’s music video for “STAY” surpassed 200 million views on YouTube on Monday. It is not a fancy performance-oriented music video, but rather an acoustic folk pop genre song, drawing more attention.

“STAY” is one of the double title tracks of Black Pink’s second digital single “SQUARE TWO,” released on November 1, 2016. The combination of lyrical melodies and the tones of BLACKPINK members has been praised and is still loved by global music fans.

At the time of the release, the song alternately topped major music charts at home and abroad, along with another title track, “Playing with Fire.” Also, the music video featuring the emotional performances of BLACKPINK members recorded 1 million views on YouTube within seven hours of its release, signaling an unexpected change early on.

It is the power of voice and music itself. The number of views is amazing, but it is unusual to recall that “STAY” is an acoustic pop genre that doesn’t require a single eye-catching performance or a visual that will generate explosive interest.

As a result, BLACKPINK has released more than 200 million views of their debut song “Whistle” (400 million views), “Boombaya” (800 million views), “Playing with Fire” (400 million views), “As If It’s Your Last” (700 million views), “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (1.1 billion views), “KILL THIS LOVE (800 million views), and “SOLO” (400 million views).

BLACKPINK’s multibillion-view march continues. BLACKPINK is the only girl group with a total of 18 billion views, including choreography videos and music program content, in addition to eight title song music videos. In particular, the music video for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was the K-pop group’s first milestone to surpass 1.1 billion views.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, currently in the midst of working on a new album and preparing for a comeback, once again raised its K-pop status with news of collaboration with world-renowned pop star Lady GaGa. BLACKPINK featured Lady Gaga’s sixth album “Chromatica” and her 10th track “Sour Candy.”

In addition to Blackpink, Lady Gaga’s new album included Ariana Grande and Elton John. BLACKPINK added meaning by putting their names side by side on an album with artists representing the history and present of pop music.

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