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BODYFRIEND announced on May 11 that it has delivered a total of 954 massage chairs on Parents’ Day alone, breaking the daily maximum delivery record. Its previous record was 739 units (May 29 last year).

Bodyfriend is Parents ’ Day on the day of the highest shipping industry staff by office employees and officials at the same time to full operation with 300 of the party’s maximum results in shipping records.I can hit a new record. BODYFRIEND is in a situation where all-time orders are followed by compensation consumption caused by the recent COVID19 incident, high interest in health, and demand for home month gifts.

As a result, BODYFRIEND’s accumulated massage chair orders easily exceeded 8,000 units by the 10th of this month. At the current pace, the company explained that it is also possible to achieve a record monthly sales of 20,000 units of massage chairs.

A BODYFRIEND official said, Although we put in the largest number of people every day to make delivery efforts, it is difficult to keep up with demand due to a large increase in orders due to the ‘family month’. He added, We are focusing all our capabilities to ensure delivery without any disruptions.

Meanwhile, BODYFRIEND will hold a BTS in BODYFRIEND, Protect Your Family promotion until the 20th, which means keeping your family’s health as BODYFRIEND at a time when interest in health has increased due to the COVID19 incident.

The promotion, which is under way as a family health campaign with BTS, will offer special discounts only for some models. It also offers up to 1.2 million won in benefits for purchases of two or more body-brand products. Bromides and photo cards with BTS members’ autographs will be presented when purchasing massage chairs.

BODYFRIEND earlier selected BTS as its advertising model for massage chairs and has been sending ad videos through broadcasting and SNS. Under the concept of BTS in BODYFRIEND, the advertisement video shows each member of BTS taking care of himself by using a massage chair in real life. Broadcast advertisements featuring BTS have been produced with a total of six episodes so far, and are being released through terrestrial, cable broadcasting and YouTube.

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