FILA to launch FILA X BTS 'Love Yourself Collection'

FILA to launch FILA X BTS ‘Love Yourself Collection’

Fila, nicknamed “Collaboration Master” and “Filaboration” for its unusual collaboration that exceeds expectations every time, unveiled a new collaboration collection with global model BTS this time, heralding an unprecedented “Filaboration.”

Global sports brand FILA said it will release “FILA X BTS Love Yourself Collection” with its brand global model BTS.

Fila planned the collection to offer fresh and special items to those who are thirsty for new fashion while trying to communicate in a unique way with fans who have sent support to the brand.

“FILA X BTS Love Yourself Collection” expressed various graphic and artwork elements featured in the music video of BTS’ global hit “DNA,” IDOL, with Fila’s unique sensibility as design points. “DNA” and “IDOL” are representative songs of BTS, which have been loved worldwide since its release in 2017 and 2018, and music videos with unique concepts, colors and artwork have also recorded unprecedented hits.

Its collection consists of a total of 12 types, including clothing, shoes and accessories. In the first half of the collection, a dedicated icon combining Fila’s F logo and BTS’ official logo highlighted the nature of the collection, and each song of “DNA” and “IDOL” was embodied as a point symbol.

Fila shoes such as Fila Daily Shoes “Wavelet,” canvas Shoes “Festibo” and slides reflected the artwork of “DNA” and “IDOL.” In particular, the floor inside the festival shoes had a total of seven patterns borrowed from costumes worn by BTS members in the “IDOL” music video. The shoe box design, which reflects the artwork of “DNA” and “IDOL,” maximizes the beauty of the collection. Other items include short-sleeved T-shirts with patterns added to Fila’s English-language linear logo or taped exclusively for collaboration on the sleeve, tote bags with graphic design, and bucket bags.

The “FILA X BTS Love Yourself Collection” is only available at FILA’s official online mall and Big Hit Entertainment’s operational communication platform Weverse Shop, ABC Mart, and A-RT.COM. (Weverse Shop presents a lineup that excludes some items of shoes from the collection.) For a total of four days from the 10th to the 13th, it will be available only on preorders at FILA’s official online mall, Weverse Shop application, and A-RT.COM, and will provide gifts that reflect the design of the collection for all buyers. The product and the free gift will be sent to the designated shipping location in July.

“FILA and BTS, which are emitting unique synergy amid various common denominators, will plan a special collaboration collection,” a FILA official said. “We will continue to communicate sincerely with more people by conveying new trends and differentiated values.”

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