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(PRESSREELS) Is Jimin Santa for ARMY?

One of the BTS members released a new song to celebrate Christmas. Jimin released “Christmas Love ” free of charge through BTS’s official sound cloud on the 24th.

“Christmas Love”  is a carol song, produced by Slow Rabbit, Jimin, and RM. Jimin sang for the warm memories of Christmas with his charming voice.

On BTS’s official blog, he said, “Did you receive the Christmas present well? I really wanted to make sure you hear this song, and I’m so happy that I have been able to let you listen to this song.”

He mentioned that he made a song with memories of the first time he saw snow. The full text following:

Hello, ARMY. it’s Jimin. 
Did you receive the Christmas present well? 
I really wanted to make sure you hear this song, 
and I'm so happy that I have been able to let you listen to this song.
The reason why I came here today is due to the difficult situation currently 
which is the season that I am playing a bright song like this, 
and I came to tell you a bit more about the reason.

As you can see from the song, I'm singing this song with the emotion of 
when I first saw snow falling from my childhood memories.
As we grow up, I think we miss our childhood a lot. 
Whether it’s because of the current situation or not, 
I thought we remembered a lot of innocent, immature, innocent, and wanted to go back to that time.
I thought that the responsibility, the emotions that we have as we grow up,
 is to grow old and hide our feelings a little.

But I think we still have that feeling.
So, why don't you express your feelings, even though it's childish at least once?
I thought it would be nice if that day would be today. 

All of you are always worthy of being loved.  
So rather than saying that it's cringe, 
I hope there will be a situation where everyone can enjoy together even if they are a little shy. 
It's a song that's far short of something grandiose, 
but I worked hard to make it with the hope that all of you are happy people.
I hope we can listen to the song and go back to the past that you remember.

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