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BTS Jimin’s self-composed song “Promise” has become a hot topic as it ranked among the top three streaming companies on the global music sharing platform “SoundCloud” as of the 31st.

Jimin’s “Promise,” which ranked ninth in the SoundCloud’s all-time top 10 streaming list in August last year, has been on a steady rise, surpassing 211 million streams as of May 31 and making it to the top three. As a result, the U.S. media Allkpop focused on entering the top three “promises.”

Allkpop broke another record as BTS Jimin’s “Promise” became the third most played song in SoundCloud history. He set a major record by winning his 24-hour streaming debut title. Jimin’s “Promise” is the only ballad genre on the top three charts, and is the most played Korean track on the corresponding streaming platform. “Congratulations on Jimin’s great achievements.”

On December 31, 2018, Jimin released his first self-composed song “Promise” in five years since his debut. Jimin said on BTS‘ official SNS, “You’ve been waiting for a long time, right? I’m finally releasing my own song. It’s a song for me, but it’s also for you.”

On the same day, “Promise” surpassed 1 million streams in just 30 minutes. It broke the 4.9 million record of “Drake,” the most streaming record holder in 24 hours since its debut in SoundCloud, to 8.5 million, nearly double, and topped the top 50 chart and the New & Hot chart for 48 hours, gathering big issues.

With its acoustic guitar sound and Jimin’s delicate vocals, “Promise” is also well-received for its lyrical lyrics and is still loved by fans around the world. It was the first Korean singer to be registered on SoundCloud in February 2019, and recorded 200 million streams in January this year.

Jimin is the first Korean singer to reach the year-end settlement after being selected as the No. 1 player in the SoundCloud 2019 “BUZZIEST DROP” category with his self-composed song “Promise” and seven songs in the “2019 SoundCloud Playback” category. Such achievements are unprecedented on global music sites, where Korean lyrics are mainly composed.


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