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(PRESSREELS) Global artist BTS has expressed its intention to create a new music driving force with ARMY (fandom name) along with an online-contact performance.

BTS Online-Contact concert “BANG BANG CON The Live” was held on Big Hit community platforms “Weverse” and “Weverse Shop” on the 14th.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

“BANG BANG CON The Live” is an online performance that connects the streaming festival “BANG BANG CON, BTS ONLINE CONCERT WEEKEND” in April, and is the finale of the 7th anniversary LAN festival “2020 BTS FESTA.”

It is also significant in that it is another delicate attempt for global K-pop fans and artists to communicate in the Corona 19 situation as an online live show where BTS‘s stage can be seen as real-life as possible by adding six multi-view systems and interactive solutions through cooperation with KISWE Mobile.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

On the same day, BTS performed 12 songs selected from the representative songs through a 90-minute online stage, sharing close musical communication with fans.

◇BANG BANG CON The Live, a BTS Online-Contact performance, ‘The Excitement and Emotion of Global Impression’

The beginning of “BANG BANG CON THE LIV,” which began with the opening filled with movements of 2020 BTS FESTA animation characters, was filled with four songs: Dope, Boyz With Fun, I Like IT, and Just One Day.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

The “Dope” stage, which features a set of pastel-toned colors and dark red lights, seemed to show a refined look of BTS, a passionate artist of fresh charm, based on a combination of rhythmical performances with saxophones and hip rapping.

The following performance of “Boyz With Fun” also showed a more trendy and refined tone of the newtro sense shown in “Dope,” naturally recognizing “BTS‘s excitement.”

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

The “I Like IT” stage was the highlight of the early stage. The stage showed each of the seven members one by one based on their connection with the Galaxy S20 BTS Edition along with the soft R&B sensation that unfolds smoothly against the backdrop of the electro sound, making the song more dramatic.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

The “Just One Day” stage, which was held at the end of the first half, was a time to properly show the harmony of BTS‘ charming points. The contrast between the intense rapping of J-HOPE, RM, SUGA, and sophisticated vocals of Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin seemed to show the dreamy charm of the song as well as the sweet charm full of excitement.

In short, the beginning of “BANG BANG CON THE LIV” was a stage that showed BTS‘s newtro sense and emotional appeal naturally.

◇’BTS Online-Contact Performance by BTS Unit Group, ‘BANG BANG CON The Live’

The middle part of “BANG BANG CON The Live” is filled with a unit stage where each member can see their own vocal and rap styles more deeply.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

The first door in the middle was J-HOPE, Jin, and Jungkook, who chose the emotional charming vocal song “Jamis Vu.” Their stage was accompanied by a dreamy melody line and the addition of J-HOPE’s rapping, which adds strength and charm to Jungkook-Jin’s vocal combination, giving the impression that it naturally shows a change in emotion. On top of that, the natural change in black-and-white tones and color instantly attracted the attention of the song’s emotional flow of the song.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

The RM and SUGA unit song “Respect” then made RM-SUGA attractive as a newtro hip-hop with sophisticated rapping added to the background of the 90s hip-hop feel. In particular, RM and SUGA’s retro style in overall stage settings, such as costumes and video effects, were enough to give viewers fresh charm.

The end of the unit stage ended with “Friend” by Jimin and V. The “Friend” stage, set against the backdrop of a set reminiscent of a bus stop and student concept styling, drew explosive reactions from fans as it focused on the refreshing vocal combination of the two members.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

As such, the middle part of “BANG BANG CON THE LIV” focused on the comeback charm of each member that evokes the global synergy of the entire group. This led to the release of dynamic hip-hop songs and some unreleased R&B songs with a fresh sense of vocals, raising expectations.

◇BANG BANG CON The Live, a BTS Online-Contact performance, ‘The 7th Anniversary Finale for a New Start’

The second half of “BANG BANG CON The Live” was filled with performances of representative songs and new songs that left colorful global tracks such as GO and Annpanman rather than Black Swan and poetry and concerns for small things.

The “Black Swan,” which was preface-to-face in the second half, drew attention by recreating the stage of artistic sense that touched the world. BTS‘ stage performance, which shows groove and moderation in the heavy flowing music with a background of natural feeling, captivated global audiences with its flexible and intense impact.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

On top of that, the stage of “Go Go Go Over Concerns” filled with humorous chorus such as “Boyalayala” and “Tangjin Jam” against the backdrop of an umbrella performance reminiscent of ARMY Peak, along with a more sophisticated sense of space than the original song, and “BTS members’ hearts that miss ARMY (fandom name) were felt flexibly.

On top of that, the ending line-up, such as Anpanman of soft and sophisticated hip-hop energy and deep emotional hip-hop “Spring Day,” was meaningful as it made BTS members feel sorry for their new meeting and their willingness to continue their artistic efforts.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

As such, the second half of “BANG BANG CON the Live” reveals its value as a stage that foretells the present and future of BTS, which misses global ARMYs.

BTS, “We will overcome our desperate longing for the stage and ARMY with our growth efforts.”

Overall, ‘BANG BANG CON THE LIV’ seemed to be meaningful as a decennial party finale for BTS and ARMY for a new future. Of course, some of the limitations of the network and physical limitations of the sense of realism were exposed, but the value as a future alternative for active music communication between artists and global fans seemed sufficient.

J-HOPE said, “It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve done visual setting and been on stage. I missed the stage and ARMY so much. I’ve been waiting for a long time and I hope the stage will be delivered as much as I prepared. We will work harder so that we can show you more stages.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

Jimin said, “I couldn’t meet you in a bad situation, so I wanted to ask you first how are you doing. It is also true that we, who desperately need the stage, are having a hard time. However, we are trying to use this time as an opportunity for growth. I hope we can overcome Corona 19 well and meet with a smiling face.

RM said, “It was a little hard because I didn’t have the support of the fans during the Anpanman performance. There is also fear that BANG BANG CON THE LIVE will become a trend of future performances. But as we have to give them the power and happiness to do something in any situation, we will try our best.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

Jungkook said, “We’ve always been monitoring a lot. I missed each stage a lot. Although we couldn’t be together in the field, we performed with the power sent from all over the world. I hope this stage will be a new beginning.

SUGA said, “I really wanted to perform. We also felt helpless in an unavoidable situation, but we worked hard in it. I’m sorry that it’s not a concert with cheers, but I’m very happy that you’re with me. I can’t see it right now, but I’m sure I’ll see it soon.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

“It’s been more than half a year since I’ve seen ARMY,” V said. Although he made a public statement with confidence through Weverse when preparing for ON, there is a regret that he could not show the actual performance. I think it’s a relief that we’re performing as BANG BANG CON. I can’t wait to feel the voices, eyes, and heat of ARMY.

BTS 'New Music Starts with Global ARMY'

“The contract ended yesterday on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of our debut, but we are able to stay together much longer,” Jin said. Every day is precious. I want to see you guys soon, but I’m so sorry that the situation is not good. But I hope everyone will overcome it well and wait for the day we meet.



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