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Group BTS‘s “Map of the Soul” will be temporarily suspended.

Big Hit Entertainment, a subsidiary company, posted a notice on the community platform Wiebus on the afternoon of the 28th regarding BTS‘ “Map of the Soul Tour” (MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR).

Big Hit said, “We decided to reschedule the World Tour concert of BTS.”,”This tour is made up of staff from all over the world and should be backed up by the operation of the global logistics system.,There are some countries, regions and cities that have improved their situation, including Korea, but it is not easy to start the tour immediately based on this. “

“We have temporarily suspended the entire tour schedule that we have already guided and made a heavy decision to establish a new schedule in the future.,I will reschedule the entire tour as soon as I confirm the timing of starting this tour. “

Big Hit said, “The rescheduling of this tour is a decision that takes the health and safety of fans first.,I will do my best to repay the wait as I have prepared for the best performance for a long time. “” It may take a long time depending on the Corona 19 situation, but I will try to make BTS and fans meet as soon as possible.,In addition, the gap in artist activities due to Corona 19 will be filled in a new way to suit the New Normal era. “

The BTS originally planned to launch a ‘Map of the Soul’ world tour in the United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, Germany and Spain, starting with Seoul performances on April 11th and 12th, 18th and 19th.

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