“Chucky” actor Ed Gale confesses to soliciting a minor for sex acts in CC Unit sting operation

Citizen group CC Unit confronts Hollywood actor Ed Gale, known for his role in "Chucky," on camera after he agrees to meet a decoy teenager for sex acts. Gale admits to talking sexually with up to 10 kids online, and the CC Unit hands over evidence to the police. The case serves as a warning of the dangers of online communication with minors.

Hollywood actor Ed Gale, known for his role in the popular horror film “Chucky,” has been exposed by a group posing as a teenager, offering to meet with the entertainer for sexual acts. The citizen group, Creep Catching Unit, also known as the CC Unit, confronted Gale on camera, with the actor eventually confessing to his allegations.

During the on-camera confrontation, CC Unit founder “Ghost” questioned Gale about his intentions, asking if he had attempted to solicit child pornography from the decoy, non-existent teenager. Gale admitted to talking sexually to a minor online, acknowledging that it was a felony.

The CC Unit had arrived with a camera and printed logs of multiple chat conversations, revealing that Gale had expected to meet a minor. The actor admitted to speaking with up to 10 kids sexually online.

Gale expressed remorse for his actions, saying, “Yes, I’m admitting I know it was wrong and it was illegal. I’m admitting that. And I’m sorry.”

The CC Unit handed over all the evidence collected, including the chat logs, to the Los Angeles Police Department. During the sting operation, two officers showed up to take action.

The case is a stark reminder of the dangers that can exist online, and the importance of being vigilant about who we communicate with, particularly minors. The CC Unit’s actions have helped to expose a serious crime, and serve as a warning to others who may be considering similar behaviour.