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A performance of “Global Goal Live,” which drew attention as SM Entertainment led the domestic bid, was postponed.
Global Citizen, the organizer of the Global Goal Live (The Possible Dream), said on its official website on the 6th (Korea time), “In the aftermath of COVID 19 (COVID-19), we decided to postpone the global goal live to September 25, 2021 (local time).”

EXO and SuperM are scheduled to appear, and Global Goal Live will be postponed until next year…COVID 19 aftermath

The Global Goal Live Seoul performance, scheduled for September 26 this year (Korea time), included SM’s BoA, EXO, SuperM, Coldplay, Metallica, Mushe, Usher, Red chili Peppers, Red Chili Peppers, Alley Pupp

In addition to performances in Seoul, Global Goal Live was also scheduled to feature performances by Central Park in New York, Africa, Nigeria and Lagos.

“After much consideration, we have made a difficult decision to postpone the event,” Global Citizen said. “After months of planning for emergency, the uncertainty of COVID 19 continues. We look forward to hosting this historic campaign next year.”

It added, “We may have changed our plans, but we have given timely reminders of why our responsibilities exist for the global goals of the United Nations.”

In November last year, SM announced that it would host “Global Goal Live” in Seoul, while producer Lee Soo-man would be the general director of the Seoul performance.

Global Citizen is leading a campaign to lead citizens’ participation to end extreme poverty around the world by 2030, and has hosted a “Global Goal Live” charity performance to draw attention to the movement.

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