HYUNJIN of Stray Kids is fashionable in hoodie + slippers. full of mischievous charm

HYUNJIN, a member of Stray Kids, showed off his cute charm.

On Tuesday, singer Hyunjin posted several photos on Stray Kids’ official Instagram, along with a post saying, “#straykids #Lovestay #Muvely #Now #I don’t believe #Hung…”

Hyunjin in the picture created a natural atmosphere, relaxed and relaxed with a hoodie and slippers. Hyunjin showed his antiwar charm by posing playfully with his chic visual. Hyunjin showed off his hip visuals with a charismatic atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the group, Stray Kids, which includes Hyunjin, released “Mixtape : 바보라도알아” on Saturday.

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