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In the U.S. and Europe, a series of child “monster” patients are suspected of being linked to COVID 19. Children showed symptoms of “multi-system inflammation” accompanied by the flu, with some also testing positive for Corona 19. Until now, it has been reported that children do not get corona 19 and that even if they do, they do not develop into serious symptoms.

Reuters reported on the 28th (local time) that three children, who are confirmed patients of COVID 19 at Columbia University Hospital in New York, showed symptoms of a rare inflammatory disease and received treatment. One out of three is in critical condition, the other is in intensive care, and the other is reported to have been discharged. Dr. Mark Gorillick, a pediatric rheumatoid and immunology specialist at the hospital, said, “I think a very chaotic immune response could occur a week or two after the infection. Now we are in a very early stage trying to understand what this disease means.”

They are children between the ages of six months and eight, similar to Kawasaki disease. Kawasaki disease is an acute febrile vascular disease with unknown causes, which usually occurs in children under the age of five. It is believed to be caused by excessive immune responses after children were infected with viruses and other pathogens, and is known to show high fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches and heart-related abnormalities.

A six-month-old infant who showed symptoms of Kawasaki disease was also reported to have been diagnosed with coronal 19 at Stanford University’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in California.

The BBC reported the previous day that children under the age of 10 had similar diseases in European countries, such as Britain, Italy, and Spain, where Corona 19 was hit. In particular, the British National Health Service (NHS) announced to doctors working in intensive care units across the U.K. that “there have been more than a dozen children with inflammation of the entire body so far,” and that they would report a similar case immediately. Some of the children suffering from the disease tested positive for COVID 19, the BBC said.

However, the link between this disease and COVID 19 is still uncertain. Russell Boehner, president of Britain’s Royal College of Pediatrics, told The Associated Press that one of the hypotheses that has a good grasp is that it is related to COVID 19. Jane Burns, a researcher at the Kawasaki Disease Research Center at the University of California, told Reuters that it was unclear whether such cases were related to COVID 19.



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