Interview: Kingdom is Back with “KARMA” with Chiwoo, King of the Clouds.

KINGDOM, the kings are back with "KARMA." Check out the fantastic visuals.

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# Welcome to PRESSREELS!

Q. Please say hello to PRESSREELS subscribers and to your fans!


Open the gate! Kingdom! Hello, we are Kingdom!

PRESSREELS subscribers and to our beloved Kingmakers! It’s been a while, and we are so happy to be back to meet you. This is our first comeback, and we hope to make good memories with you during this album!

Q. You have come back with “KARMA” after “EXCALIBUR”! How have you been?


We have practiced the stage for “KARMA” almost every day. We didn’t know that we were tired because we thought practicing hard was the only way to repay Kingmaker’s love. We felt the importance of the stage and the emptiness and longing for the scene after the previous album. We could feel how much the stage and Kingmakers are so special to us.

# about__History of Kingdom: Part II Chiwoo

Q. Please introduce us to the album, “ History of Kingdom : Part II Chiwoo,” title track “KARMA”!


After our debut album, “Excalibur,” “KARMA” shows the benefits of modern fantasy. Starting with the first album, this second album is an album about the agony, pain, and sacrifice of King Chiwoo, king of clouds. “KARMA” is an Electro Pop dance music that combines traditional instruments with bass and drum beats. 


Q. The M/V visual beauty was like watching a martial arts movie! Were there any fun episodes while filming the music video?


All our members grew out long hair for the Asian concept, and especially IVAN suits long hair the most. When we shoot M/V’s, our lips get dry, and the makeup erases easily, so we often go to the bathroom.

We still can’t forget one episode: we went into the bathroom, and IVAN was brushing his teeth, holding his hair up in one hand. We went inside and thought it was the lady’s bathroom because of IVAN and had to come back outside to check again.

And another one is, we were shooting a cookie video, and there was salt on the floor to express the snow. We almost fell asleep lying on the soft salt. 


We think a lot of people would have already noticed it. IVAN appears in the cookie. All of our members are looking forward to it also because not everything isn’t complete exactly. We will do our best to express the kingdom of snow.



All the costumes are pretty heavy because they are designed to express the kingdom of clouds and the king’s dignity.
We remember it was very hot because winter clothes were included in the outfits, making our comeback during the summer.

And also, while we were dancing, something kept hitting our faces, and we found out it was a cloth attached to the outfits. We have a lot of dance moves lifting each other. But since our costumes are so long, we can’t see our legs and feet exactly. There were some dangerous situations, but we all practiced well to complete the stage.

Q. Karma, what do you think of karma?


When we were recording, we laughed so much because ‘Karma’ sounded like ‘Garma.’(Garma means hair part in Korean) Karma! not garma! The word itself has a lot of weight and meaning.

We think karma is the responsibility of managing the destiny of a young king, Chiwoo, who feels anguish and the pain of watching the kingdom of clouds fall apart, having to handle everything on his own.

And maybe it’s our karma that this answer was not so witty…


# about__Kingdom and Behind Stories

Q. Each member is releasing an album with the concept of a king. How did the members decide which country and which king you will be?


Each of the members went into the worldview that our producer had planned. We didn’t have much choice at the time. Our producer made an image of each king, but all the members are satisfied because our producer considered each member’s image.

Q. You guys were trainees for three years. Since you have spent a long time together, I’m sure you know each other very well. Does Kingdom have unique know-how or way to strengthen teamwork when you guys hit the limit or get worn out?


We think it’s most important to know that there are times when we are going through a hard time—realizing and not avoiding the situation. Our members keep manners as Hyeong and Dongseang, but we get along as friends, and we rely on each other when we have a hard time. Interestingly, when someone is going through a hard time, someone naturally drags the person in line, telling him that it’s okay. We think being together as a team is the most significant advantage. And if we have any problems, we rather not hide them and choose to talk about them and solve the problems. Because of that, we now can tell just by looking into each other eyes what we like and dislike.


Q. Kingdom has a unique nickname, “Fantasy Idol.” What word would you like your fans and the public to call when they think of Kingdom? 


We had the nickname “Fantasy dol” after our debut. We are grateful for that name, and we want to keep the nickname until the end. If you search up our group, you have to search for ‘the group’ Kingdom. But we would like to be the pronoun of Kingdom in the future. We would like to keep this modifier by becoming the only group that fits the word Fantasy dol.

Q. What is the difference between before and after debuting?


Actually, we haven’t had the chance to meet our fans and perform in front of them. So we still can’t believe that we are on TV! We can’t forget the moment when we monitored our first music show together after our debut. And all our members have lost a lot of weight compared to before our debut, so we can eat what we want relatively.


#about_Future and Plans

Q. What is Kingdom’s goal for this album?


We would like to promote our group more through this album and move a little bit closer to No.1 on the charts. Maybe being a candidate would be fine even though it’s not the first place. We are planning to continue to show great performances. There are a lot of stories in the future that we would like to present to fans. We know we are not well known to the public yet, but we hope this album will help us become more popular and strengthen our position.

Q. What does Kingdom want to show fans after showing the stories of seven kings and kingdoms?


So far, there are eight series introducing the stories of each of the seven kings, and there is a bigger story after that. Our members know what kind of concept it will be, so we are excited and looking forward to it. We feel sorry to keep it to ourselves because it’s so cool, so please continue to show lots of interest and love.


Q. What would Kingdom be like in ten years?


Ten years from now, Kingdom will be starting our third season. We are sure that we will still be working hard to enjoy the spectacular grand stage! One of the future we are drawing is, on our 10th anniversary, Kingmakers would fill a large concert hall and play together!



Q. Please leave a word for PRESSREELS subscribers and fans!


To PRESSREELS subscribers, please show lots of support and love for this album,  “History Of Kingdom : PartⅡ. Chiwoo,” and to our title track, “KARMA.” And also show lots of love for PRESSREELS! I hope you enjoy “KARMA” starting from July 1st, our stage will look like a four-minute movie! Close the gate! KINGDOM! We were KINGDOM!

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The kings are back with the second series, "KARMA" with Chiwoo the king of clouds.

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