ITZY, 3 consecutive 100 million views with 'WANNABE'

ITZY, 3 consecutive 100 million views with ‘WANNABE’

Group ITZY (ITZY) has achieved ‘three consecutive 100 million views.”

The music video for “WANNABE,” the title track of the second mini-album “IT’z ME,” released on March 9, surpassed 100 million views on YouTube at around 8:50 p.m. on Monday, two hours and 50 minutes after its release on the 43rd. It is much faster than “ICY,” which took about 78 days and 13 hours to reach 100 million views, and is the highest record ever, 14 days earlier than the 14 hours set by the debut song “DALLA DALLA” by 14 days.

Starting with its debut song “DALLA DALLA,” ITZY will have three billion-viewed music videos, ranging from “ICY” and “WANNABE.” It is also receiving explosive responses from various video contents as well as music videos. ITZY’s “Weekly Idol” unpublished direct camera posted on MBC Plus YouTube channel “ALL THE K-POP” is garnering high clicks through word of mouth. Ryujin’s “WANNABE” fancam, uploaded on April 11, proved its hot popularity by easily surpassing 5 million views.

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