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On October 3, 2019, “General Hospital” actress Jaime Ray Newman and her husband Guy Nattiv recently embraced their second daughter, Mila Nico Newman Nattiv. They also have a one-year-old daughter named Alma.

The two sisters are close in age, but the motherhood for Newman was a hard road to pass. 

She turned to surrogacy for Alma and Mila. Mila was born 15 weeks early than the scheduled due.

Luckily, as seen on Newman’s Instagram post, December 23 marks the first miracle of Hanukkah, since exactly 80 days ago, Mila was born early at 25 weeks and three days gestationally at the Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas via a surrogate. 

“Mila came home today, ending this stressful, exhausting journey and making us happy parents once again.”

The caption continues, “Welcome home, baby girl. We cannot wait to watch you flourish and thrive.” 

Newman posted a series of emotional photos of Mila and the family from the hospital. 

Dr. Caren Lipsky of Sunrise Hospital was special mention for saving her daughter’s life. Additionally, she thanked the doctors and nurses for getting Mila out of danger. 

In the past, the actress went in vitro fertilization and endured multiple miscarriages. 

In 2013, the “Veronica Mars” star and her husband expected their first child. They told People magazine, “We are through the moon to announce we are having a baby girl. We’ve had a very international relationship, with Guy being from Israel and me from Los Angeles. So she will be a little world traveler. We are beyond thrilled.”

But in the same year, at nine months pregnant and the contractions came, they arrived excited to the maternity ward at Cedars Sinai and received the worst news – there was no heartbeat. 

“We lost our baby girl in a stillbirth.”

Newman and her husband spent a year in shock, before deciding to try and conceive again over several years later. She went into IVF treatments and four more miscarriages, and eventually, they “lost hope.”

So when their daughter Alma Ness was born on Yom Kippur eve in 2018 via a surrogate, an “inexplicable happiness” overwhelmed them, so we have decided to share our “incredible miracle” that could have only happed through “science and love.”

Newman explained that in life, there are also gifts that come to show you the concept of ups and downs.

“Ness” in Hebrew means “miracle.”

So, it’s really a miracle for their little family since they now have two healthy little girls. 

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