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Transcript shot of a bright smile
Encouraging the mainstream watching with warmth
A warm-hearted resident, ‘Lim Se Chan’
Expected to be active in ‘Soul Repairer’

Actor Jang Yoo Sang delivered a script certified shot of a sunny smile.

On the 14th, Jang Yoo Sang’s agency SM C & C official Instagram said, “From the smile to the healing Lim Se Chan. Two photos were uploaded today with the comment, “Would you like to watch the main broadcast of Soul Repairer with Lim Se Chan?”

In the photo, Jang Yoo Sang wears a neat shirt and a tie and a doctor’s gown. The character ‘Lim Se Chan’ in the play perfectly melts, attracting attention with a warm smile that comforts the viewers. In addition, Jang Yoo Sang is carefully showing the script with his name on it, conveying his extraordinary affection for the drama.

KBS 2TV drama ‘Soul Repairman’ is a drama about the stories of psychiatrists for crazy people living in a crazy world, thanks to acting by actors such as Shin Ha-kyun, Jung So-min, Tae In-ho, Park Ye-jin. Is well received.

Among the plays, Jang Yoo Sang appears in the role of ‘Lim Se Chan’ in the first year of the resident, and plays a pure character with a lot of tears and tears. With his passionate appearance, he is raising the fun of seeing the drama, and he has a lot of anticipation and interest in what he will do in the future.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV ‘Soul Repairman’ starring Jang Yoo Sang is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM.

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