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Megan Thee Stallion has much to say about her so-called simple request regarding the renegotiation of her contract that was just kept on stale.

This rapper hen on IG live on Sunday and was calling her record label, the 1501, and saying that they are not allowed to drop any music until told to do so and that’s because Megan Thee Stallion asked them to do some tweaking on fine print the deal she had signed when she was still a little younger.

Megan said she had a signed contract with 1501 when she was still 20 years old, and there were several things on the deal which she wasn’t aware of until she was managed by another one, Jay-Z Roc Nation, and pointed out some things about the contracts.

Megan said that everything was just good until the day someone approached her about the label and asked if she could renegotiate, and that is where it started.

The label put her and some of her tunes on ice. She compares the move to nothing more than greed in its purest form.

The co-founder of Meg’s label, ex-MLB player Carl Crawford spoke about it and said he discovered Meg and helped the rapper. It didn’t sound that there is a spat going between her and them.

On her live video, she said, “I was like 20, and I didn’t know everything that was in that contract,” she said.

“So when I got with Roc Nation, I got management — real management — and real lawyers. They were like, ‘Do you know that this is in your contract?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, damn, that’s crazy — no, I didn’t know.’”

And she went on saying that she is not mad at 1501, “I wasn’t upset. ’m thinking in my head, ‘everybody cool, we all cool, we family, it’s cool, it’s nice.’”

That apparently changed when she asked to renegotiate her contract.

“Soon as I said, ‘I want to renegotiate my contract,’ everything went left. It all went wrong. It all went left. So now they tellin’ a b—h she can’t drop no music. It’s really just, like, a greedy game.”

She continued and said, “I’m not a greedy person. I’m not a person that likes confrontation. I’m not a person that’s a b—h. I work with everybody, and I’m nice, and I’m real family-oriented… I see the s–t that camp is saying about me, and I be like, ‘Damn — since you got so much to say, why you just won’t tell them why you mad? You mad because I don’t want to roll over and bow down like a little b–tch, and you don’t want to renegotiate my contract.”

She added, “I didn’t understand some of the verbiages at the time, and now that I do, I just wanted it corrected.”

As for 1501 Entertainment, here is what they have to say, “At a time when loyalty is at an all-time low, it’s nice to be linked with @jprincerespect who is steady teaching me how to move in this cutthroat industry. And I know that terrifies some, especially the ones who double-cross me.”

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