NCT 127 'Hero' remix version...The First Song of the iScreaM Project

NCT 127 ‘Hero’ remix version…The First Song of the iScreaM Project

Boy group NCT 127’s song “Hero (Kick It)” will be reborn in various remix versions.

The agency SM Entertainment announced on the 4th that the remix version of “Hero,” the title track of NCT 127’s second full-length album “NCT #127 Neo Zone,” will be released on the 8th.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) label Scream Records, affiliated with SM, selected one of the title songs of SM’s singers every month and made it one of the new project iScreaM, which will be released in a remix version.

DJ-producer Valentino Khan, Minimonster and Hitchhiker remixed one each in a total of three versions.

“Hero” was released by NCT 127 in March, a hip-hop dance song featuring energetic vocals and intense tempo.

It swept the top music charts at the time of its release and its second full-length NCT 127 album, which contains the song, also ranked fifth on the U.S. Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200.”

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