SHINee Reveals photos of the departed Jonghyun’s 31st birthday

The departed Jonghyun of the group SHINee celebrated his birthday today (8th), and SHINee expressed their longing for Jonghyun.

On the 8th, SHINee’s official SNS posted a photo with the words “#SHINee #Shine #JONGHYUN #Jonghyun #19900408.”

Photos released show the late Jong-hyun posing in a gray uniform when SHINee was working as “Everybody.”

Countless fans around the world are expressing their longing for the late Jong-hyun, saying “I miss you” with a birthday message.

Meanwhile, the late Jong-hyun made his debut as SHINee in May 2008 and was active by releasing various hit songs, and was recognized as a singer-songwriter by releasing his first solo album in 2015. However, he died on Dec. 18, 2017, at the age of 27, saddened many people.

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