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Digital content planning and production collaboration
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SM C & C joins hands with skyTV to focus on co-planning and production of digital content.

SM C & C Signs Digital Content Business Agreement with skyTV
SM C & C Signs Digital Content Business Agreement with skyTV

On 28th, SM C & C and skyTV signed a business agreement for digital contents business at skyTV headquarters. SM C & C’s digital-based content production company, “SM CCC LAB,” and skyTV’s digital channel “DUM DUM STUDIO,” agreed to cooperate closely in the joint digital content production business.

In particular, the two companies plan to continue to provide web contents of various genres by sharing the excellent production infrastructure and know-how possessed by each company and strengthening their digital content production capabilities through this agreement.

The first collaborative content between SM C & C and skyTV is the ” starring YERI from SM Entertainment’s group Red Velvet. Invite a special guest to YERI’s secret azit and capture YERI’s candid appearance in a girl’s emotional daily life. It will be released on June 8 through SkyTV’s digital channel ‘DUM DUM STUDIO’.

SM C & C Signs Digital Content Business Agreement with skyTV

At the ceremony, SM C & C CEO said, “We are delighted to be with SkyTV’s digital channel DUM DUM STUDIO based on the competitiveness of SM C & C’s versatile artists and SM CCC LAB, which possesses innovative planning power. I will do my best to cooperate so that the path can remain as a case of establishing a leading agreement model in the era of diversifying digital media. ”

“As the center of the platform expands from TV to mobile, we will provide quality contents optimized for mobile by actively communicating with the ‘Needs’ that viewers want,” said SkyTV CEO. “We will lead the digital media market by presenting various short form contents such as original web entertainments and web dramas for a rich digital content life.”

Meanwhile, both companies are planning to produce a male idol reality web entertainment targeting the second half of this year. The plan is to expand business by connecting digital video production as well as video commerce. Through the planning video, the company plans to develop a business that can sell goods and private brand goods, which are independent brand products, and continuously cooperate.


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