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Tacky or Not; New Starbucks Cups ‘Merry Coffee’ For the Holiday Season



“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” at Starbucks.

Starbucks lovers weren’t exactly fans of the past cups . In 2015, they just issued plain red cups. It caused quite a stir as if they were on war with Christmas.

According to their spokesperson, the coffee company now wants to bring cheers and joys to their customers. That’s even in simple ways. “Merry Coffee” is a good expression, so every time that customer takes a sip, they would feel the holiday season. The cups were designed to “evoke those mini moments of joy.”

Could this actually mean that Christmas is nearing because this giant coffee industry has launched its festive holiday design? The great news about this one is that we can reuse these cups over and over again. We’re sure they are sturdy enough to last a lot of Christmases. Earlier, Starbucks cups were tested to become greener cups. Some of them have materials made up of compostable and others were even strawless.

Starbucks swore to stop using plastic straws by 2020. This a big step to being environmentally friendly.

The designs of Starbucks cups often draw different criticisms and praise from their customers. Fans didn’t like their new slogan.

One posted “Bah Humbug.”

Another one said “I’m gonna get a jump start on Starbucks holiday cup drama by saying that “Merry Coffee” is the silliest slogan I have ever heard.”

Four designs are out now – the main red cup, white and green holiday patterns that look like gift wrappers. Official names for this Starbucks cups are Merry Dance, Merry Stripes, Candy Cane Stripes and Polka Dots. Many fans have been waiting for this time of the year. They all can’t wait to have one or even collect the cups.

Starbucks cups began emerging in 1997 as a purple holiday cup, and so was the second one resulting to different designs were done since then.

Starbucks Christmas Flavours

Enjoy a cup! Peppermint Mocha, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Brulee, Eggnog Late and Chestnut Praline. You can choose whether you want to drink it hot, iced or blended Frappuccino.

Starbucks will have Christmas colour decors and candy cane ribbon theme during the season. Of course, avid loyalist will also be heading to stores not only for the coffee but Starbucks Cards and gifts from their barista who will be wearing red aprons. And for those customers coming if after 2 PM bringing their own cups, they would get $.50 cents off until January 7.

Earlier this morning, some customers didn’t get their Starbucks cups and not so excited about it, but many also were happy and surprised for some. These holiday cups will be all over participating stores across the US and Canada and will surely be available during the holidays while supplies last. Just make sure that you order any of those holiday drinks to get that reusable Starbucks cups on the go with you.

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PENINSULA Unveils World’s First Official 8K Main Trailer!

(PRESSREELS) CONTENTS PANDA(Next Entertainment World), which presents PENINSULA released the world’s first official main trailer of 8K image quality at noon (Korean time) on June 16, 2020.



Four years after ‘TRAIN TO BUSAN’, Connect with the survivors of the ‘PENINSULA’!

(PRESSREELS) CONTENTS PANDA(Next Entertainment World), which presents PENINSULA released the world’s first official main trailer of 8K image quality at noon (Korean time) on June 16, 2020. The trailer of PENINSULA, a 2020 Cannes Film Festival’s official invitation film, depicts the struggles of those who have survived in different ways for four years after TRAIN TO BUSAN.

↑(CLICK) Enjoy the PENINSULA more vividly with the world’s first official 8K Main Trailer

PENINSULA is an action blockbuster depicting the last battle for survival between the people left behind in the ruins of the Korean peninsula four years after Train to Busan. The upcoming PENINSULA trailer ahead of its worldwide premiere release in the summer of 2020 is full of such big scale action sequences and explosive thrills together with fast-sounding gunfights and car-chasing scenes.

In particular, the official trailer of PENINSULA, which has 8K image quality for the first time in the world, meets the technical specifications of all digital devices and delivers a high level of visual completeness to moviegoers around the world. The 8K trailer, which is 16 times clearer than the FULL HD image quality and 4 times clearer than the 4K image quality, can be enjoyed in 8K, 4K and HD according to the device’s specifications if the 8K main trailer via the NEW’s official channel on YouTube is selected as the highest specification (4320p 8K). Especially, viewers can watch them with a perfect picture quality without an extra setup from the YouTube app on Smart TVs that support either 4K or 8K.

This super high-definition trailer was created through the collaboration of NEW’s digital business corporation NEW ID and SK TELECOM. Among the media-focused core technologies of AI-based Post Production, a joint enterprise between the two companies, the technology called Supernova is a media upscaling solution (up to 8K) to improved quality of image and sound source based on the AI’s deep learning algorithms while maintaining the quality level of the original.

Movie Information


– Director: YEON Sangho (Psychokinesis | Seoul Station | Train to Busan)

– Genre: Disaster, Zombie

– Cast: GANG Dongwon (Illang: The Wolf Brigade | A Violent Prosecutor)

LEE Junghyun (Love, Again | The Battleship Island)


– Production: REDPETER FILMS (Birthday | Psychokinesis | Train to Busan)

– Expected Release Date: Summer 2020

– Logline: 4 years after the inexplicable disaster, they’re returning to the godforsaken land!

– Synopsis

: Jung-seok barely managed to escape from the unprecedented disaster in Korea 4 years ago and lives in exile in Hong Kong by himself. He is given a lucrative chance to return to Korea to retrieve large bags of cash left abandoned in the streets of Seoul. His mission is infiltrated ruined city of Seoul and secure the target truck before the sunrise, then return to Hong Kong unscathed. But he and his team are ambushed by a militia known as Unit 631 and vicious zombie hordes. During his desperate struggle to survive, Jung-seok experiences a moment of deus ex machina as survivor Min-jung and her family save him from brink of death. Together, they formulate one last plan to escape the peninsula for good. The prodigal son, the survivor and the deranged, their bloody battle begins!

Trailer Link

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Top 10 U.S. Weekly Rankings in the 2nd Week of June – K-Pop Entertainment TV channel, NEW K.ID, Has Released

(PRESSREELS) In the second week of June, SUPER JUNIOR was the No. 1 idol in the NEW K.ID’s viewer ratings. On June 8, SUPER JUNIOR – K.R.Y.



SUPER JUNIOR – No. 1 on the Weekly Idol Ranking Chart!
Celeb Five & DAY6 – New Entries on the Weekly Idol Ranking Chart!
K-Teen Drama ‘A Guy Friend 14 Days Before’ – New Entry on the
Weekly Ratings Ranking Chart!

[Weekly Idol Top 10]

(PRESSREELS) In the second week of June, SUPER JUNIOR was the No. 1 idol in the NEW K.ID’s viewer ratings. On June 8, SUPER JUNIOR – K.R.Y., a unit of SUPER JUNIOR composed of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, released its first mini-album ‘When We Were Us’. SUPER JUNIOR member Eunhyuk is also one of the current hosts for WEEKLY IDOL, which ranked No. 2 on the NEW K.ID Weekly Ratings Ranking chart.

Following SUPER JUNIOR, LOONA and Celeb Five ranked second and third,
respectively. Celeb Five, which newly entered the chart this week with DAY6 (5th), is a girl group composed of comediennes. With its witty lyrics and music videos, the group has been constantly loved by fans, not just for its surprise debut.

The 4th to 10th places were LOVELYZ X LOONA X DREAMCATCHER
(Collaboration Stage), DAY6 X N.Flying (Collaboration Stage), DREAMCATCHER X VICTON (Back-to-Back Stage), GOT7 X SUNMI X EXID X APINK (Back-to-Back Stage), SF9, BERRY GOOD X BRAND NEW MUSIC Artists (Back-to-Back Stage) and, GOT7 in order.

[Weekly Content Top10]

Show Champion, WEEKLY IDOL and Fact iN Star still maintain the Top 3, while the fourth to tenth places are Show Champion Behind, A Guy Friend 14 Days Before (new entry), Real High School Romance, BLACKPINK HOUSE, GWSN 0to1 CAM, TREASURE MAP, and IDOL TEST – DREAM CATCHER in order.

The new entry, “A Guy Friend 14 Days Before”, is a well-received K-Teen drama about a school romance of a friend zone guy and girl who have been together for 14 years in the same kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school.
Contents containing idols’ natural and realistic daily lives such as BLACKPINK HOUSE, GWSN 0to1 CAM, and TREASURE MAP are still attracting many viewers.
DREAMCATCHER has put both their WEEKLY IDOL and IDOL TEST episodes on the Weekly Ratings Ranking Chart.

For June 6th and 7th, DREAMCATCHER held online meetings together with an online fan signing events to commemorate the release of its first full-length album “Dystopia: The Tree of Language.”

NEW K.ID Weekly Audience Rating is calculated by adding the total watched time of both live streaming and on-demand services from U.S. viewers.
NEW K.ID, the only TV channel that allows viewers to enjoy K-POP Idol-related content programming 24/7 and exclusive episodes curated from 10K+ videos, is available at CH 511 for free on LG Smart TVs and XUMO apps on all Internet-connected devices.
If you want to cheer for your favorite K-pop star, just Click on NEW K.ID Channel here!

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Billboard HOT 10

RESSREELS provides that chart based on official data on the Billboard chart (Source: Billboard HOT 100)

DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch
1 Last | 1 Peak | 11 Weeks
Whats Poppin
Jack Harlow Featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne
8 Last | 2 Peak | 21 Weeks
Blinding Lights
The Weeknd
3 Last | 1 Peak | 31 Weeks
Megan Thee Stallion Featuring Beyonce
2 Last | 1 Peak | 16 Weeks
4 Last | 4 Peak | 15 Weeks
Say So
Doja Cat Featuring Nicki Minaj
6 Last | 1 Peak | 26 Weeks
Justin Bieber Featuring Quavo
5 Last | 5 Peak | 21 Weeks
Watermelon Sugar
Harry Styles
16 Last | 8 Peak | 15 Weeks
Blueberry Faygo
Lil Mosey
9 Last | 9 Peak | 21 Weeks
We Paid
Lil Baby & 42 Dugg
18 Last | 10 Peak | 9 Weeks

Billboard Artist 10

RESSREELS provides that chart based on official data on the Billboard chart (Source: Billboard Artist 100)

Lil Baby
2 Last | 1 Peak | 112 Weeks
7 Last | 1 Peak | 64 Weeks
Post Malone
3 Last | 1 Peak | 210 Weeks
Luke Combs
5 Last | 1 Peak | 174 Weeks
Harry Styles
6 Last | 1 Peak | 53 Weeks
4 Last | 1 Peak | 195 Weeks
The Weeknd
8 Last | 1 Peak | 260 Weeks
Roddy Ricch
9 Last | 2 Peak | 30 Weeks
Megan Thee Stallion
22 Last | 9 Peak | 51 Weeks
Dua Lipa
13 Last | 4 Peak | 113 Weeks