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(PRESSREELS) The group Tomorrow by Together (TXT) has listed on the album chart in the first half of the Gaon chart with a total of three albums.

According to the chart of the first half of the 2020 album in the Korean chartered music chart Gaon Chart released on the 10th, Tomorrow by Together’s second mini-album ‘Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ was released on May 18th until June, a total of 27,958.

It was ranked 11th by recording 10,000 sales. In the first half of last year’s Gaon Chart album chart, he made his debut album ‘Dream Chapter: STAR’ and climbed one step above the 12th place to achieve his best.

In addition, this year’s first regular albums ‘Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ and ‘Dream Chapter: STAR’ ranked 69th and 82th, respectively, and total 3 albums of Tomorrow by Together(TXT) entered the rankings. ‘Chapter of Dreams: ETERNITY’, which has recently completed its official activities, is an album that contains the dreams of eagerly aspiring boys, and the title song ‘Can’t You See Me?’

In addition, a total of six songs were recorded. Tomorrow by Together, through this album, he showed his musical growth by revealing his own songs that all members participated in.

Immediately after its release, it ranked first on the iTunes ‘Top Album’ chart in 50 countries and regions around the world, and topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart and Weekly Album Chart in Japan, achieving its highest record in music and music, and a modifier called ‘4th Generation idol’

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