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YG’s rookie group TREASURE revealed their team identity of strong energy prior to their official debut.

On May 23 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment uploaded the behind film of TREASURE’s debut poster shooting scene through their official blog and official social media account.

TREASURE's Debut Poster Behind Film Released on May 23
TREASURE's Debut Poster Behind Film Released on May 23

The revealed clip showed TREASURE wearing a white top with ‘TREASURE’ written on them, along with beige colored jumpsuits while staring at the camera. The jumpsuit styling which connected the top and bottom in one piece gave a dynamic yet comfortable look.

The 12 members revealed their own unique charms as well as presenting their energetic mood as a team.

PARK JEONG WOO, the member who has a charming voice, let go of his usual joyous image and dominated the mood with his sincere looking eyes. DOYOUNG revealed his confidence by looking serious. YOON JAE HYUK grabbed the viewers’ attention with his shiny eyes and visuals full of boyishness.

SO JUNG HWAN, the youngest member, grabbed the people’s attention with his fierce energy on par with the elder members. HARUTO presented a pictorial-like mood with his tall physique and natural poses. MASHIHO revealed his passion and ambition with his big shiny eyes.

JUNKYU, the characterful vocalist, pulled off the jumpsuit perfectly with his great physique. ASAHI grabbed the viewers’ attention in an instant with his handsome and well-defined features. BANG YE DAM, the vocal genius, left a strong impression with his calm yet grown looks. 

YOSHI revealed his soft charisma through his white skin and chic eyes. JIHOON, the member with abundant emotions, presented a special aura with his charming poses and eye contact. CHOI HYUN SUK, known for his rap skills and stage manner, revealed his freewheeling charms.

TREASURE is receiving attention from music fans in and out of Korea due to the recent announcement on the group’s upcoming debut in July. In addition, the group will warm up for their full-scale debut by releasing BANG YE DAM’s solo single in June, prior to TREASURE’s official debut, which is also raising the fans’ expectations.

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