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One woman from Belgium died from sipping wine containing a party drug MDMA, a lethal dose.

CNN reported that a 41-year-old woman died from Puurs decided to throw away the bottle after sipping it and found out it didn’t taste good. Turns out, it was laced with MDMA.

Still, shortly after, she fell unconscious after she tried the 2016 Black and Bianco, a Dutch brand, merlot-cabernet sauvignon.

The company also urges everyone to be mindful about tampered bottles and its original cork replaced with the beige one. They wouldn’t place MDMA or any other drugs in their drink.

The sister of the victim told the Flemish newspaper that her sister didn’t do drugs and was against it 100% and had drunk only a sip.

Antwerp local authorities believe that drug traffickers may have pumped the bottle with too much amount of the said illegal drug. The woman was brought to the hospital.

Black and Bianco stated the tragedy. Part of mentioned about the label and bottle (translated into English).

“Earlier this week, the Black & Bianco team was confronted with the fact that a Belgian woman died after drinking “wine” from a bottle of our brand. That happened mid-December last year. First of all, we sympathize with the relatives of this woman.

Last week the Belgian police approached us in the context of a criminal investigation; at that time, we did not know, and we were not told that this was a situation where someone had died.

During the contact with the Belgian police, it quickly became apparent that this was a single bottle of RED Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (lot code L8 198 with EAN 8718657781082) that had been manipulated.

The bottle cork was not an original Black & Bianco cork; it is black and with our logo. All our wine bottles also have the distinctive black capsule with a logo on the neck.

See photos of the correct packaging/closure and the beige cork found.

In Belgium, the Black & Bianco RED Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 is not sold through stores, but only through one online partner.

In the Netherlands, the bottles are available at better restaurants, specialist retailers and online.

You can also have received or given this bottle as a promotional gift.

Although there is no reason to do so, all the bottles of the RED Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 in our stock have been checked as a precautionary measure based on the facts, and none of the containers has been found to contain a deviation in the packaging.

You can quickly check your stock or bottle (s). If in the unlikely event you find a different cork (not black), or a capsule without our logo on top, please contact the authorities.

Quality is always our top priority. Our carrier (bottle) has now, unfortunately, been used.

Always be vigilant about the packaging of your food. When in doubt, always return the product to the store.

We help the Belgian police wherever we can.

If there are new developments in this case that we can inform you, we will keep you informed through this channel. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us via 040-34 000 31 or”

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