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Annabella Sciorra was on the courtroom stand today and testified what happened on that night when she was attacked.

She was just a new actress at that time, Harvey Weinstein was a young producer. They met at one of those parties in Los Angeles.

Over four years, he made some gestures, some of them were inappropriate such a care package of popcorn and Valium, another time, a box of chocolate penises.

On Thursday, on the witness stand, she said Weinstein raped her. She was holding back her tears while trying to narrate how the attack was made.

It was in her apartment in Gramercy Park that Weinstein shoved himself in and forced her into the bedroom, pushed her on the bed, and he sexually assaulted the woman. It was winter of 1993-94 when he raped her and threatened her in a way not to tell anyone.

Sciorra, who is now 59, and an actress from “Sopranos” was very composed during the questioning.

She even chuckled at some questions but later had trouble speaking when she was asked to describe what happened after that dinner with a group at an Irish restaurant.

He offered to drop her at her apartment after that event but heard someone knocking when she was already preparing for bed.

She said, “(Weinstein) was there and pushed the door open, so I didn’t have an opportunity to know why he was there. Then he started to unbutton his shirt, and then I realized that in his head, he wanted to have sex and I didn’t want to…I realized what he wanted was pretty obvious, so I started to back up into my bathroom….I felt very overpowered because he was very big.”

She continued, “I was punching him, I was kicking him, I was trying to get him away from me. He got on top of me and he raped me….He had intercourse with me, and I was trying to fight him, but I couldn’t fight anymore because he had my hands locked (over her head).”

She said she tried to fight him back, “I was trying to get him off me. I was punching him, kicking him. He got on top of me, and he raped me.”

It was a testimony done at the State Supreme Court in Manhattan. That was the first of the many accusers of Weinstein. This has been a long-awaited trial that made the hashtag #MeToo movement.

The case of Annabella Sciorra is too old to be considered as rape under the new law of New York, but the lawyers plan to use her statements and allegations in supporting the charge of predatory sexual assault.

To be able to prove a life sentence, the prosecutors should have at least two people to prove that he committed the sexual offense.

Five more accusers will stand to testify Mr. Weinstein’s attacks. One of the ladies was also an aspiring actress from the state of Washington and said that Weinstein raped her in 2013 in a hotel in Manhattan.

Another lady, a production assistant from one of Weinstein’s television shows, said he forced her to do oral sex on her in his apartment in 2006.

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