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Amazon, Jeff Bezoz Having Trouble?



Amazon seemed to be in trouble these days, and that is one of the significant concerns of Jezz Bezos.

There is speculation that Saudi Arabia hacked his phone.

The giant company is facing a lot of calls from both parties, Republican and Democrats, and might be something with regulations and some investigation regarding trust.

Amazon is now in a legal battle against the government of the US after the current administration after a $10 billion cloud computing contract of its web services called JEDI. Furthermore, Amazon didn’t expect lower earnings on its quarter because of the Thanksgiving date.

According to Wall Street analysts, they expected a 17% growth for the company in its last quarter, a positive thing for some companies. Still, in the past years, Amazon had an average of 35% during the holiday quarter.

Although it is clear that Amazon had some good sales over the holidays, analysists found this to be lighter than expected.

The profit growth from the cloud operation of Amazon has also slowed down. It starts not entirely a stretch for the company.

On the other hand, Bezos and Co.’s troubles are soaring up “We expect the antitrust rhetoric to reach deafening levels during this Presidential election year, while Amazon’s relationship with the White House remains the most precarious within Big Tech,” according to am internet and software analyst, Brian White.

Along with the low rate of the labor market in the country and despite adding thousands of new jobs every month, the unemployment rate has been going steadily low. The economy in the US is expected to slow down this next year as compared to 2019.

Only 51% of the companies are planning to hire new laborers this year from 55% in 2018. That may not sound so terrible, but that also means that companies don’t foresee much optimism for the economy this year.

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, “We see some indicators, such as slow-growing wages, an increase in job cuts, and an exodus of CEOs, that may portend rough waters ahead.”

Amidst the economic ups and downs, Amazon has been named as the most valuable brand in the world for the third consecutive time. It exceeded $200 billion in brand value.

During DAVOS, Brand Finance CEO David Haigh mentioned, “The brand that boasts the highest brand value ever, Amazon continues to impress across imperishable consumer truths: value, convenience, and choice. Today, Amazon’s situation seems more than comfortable, but what will the roaring twenties hold in store?”

Google ranked as the second most valuable in the world, whereas Apple runs to the top 3, which was a reverse from last year.

Other top 10 brands are Microsoft, Samsung, ICBC, Facebook, Walmart, Pingan, and Huawei.

Tesla is also coming in as the world’s fastest, logging behind is Instagram. Four out of fives lost their value, including Uber and AT&T.

According to Haigh, “Great brands need great leaders. They set and direct brand purpose and balance short and long-term financial returns. Their role is to gauge the mood of external stakeholders and ensure that all internal stakeholders behave in a way that is consistent with organizing purpose and profit.”

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Asia’s one of most prominent Hotelplexes, Yongsan Dragon City Hotel Grand Mercure and global luxury goose down bedding brand Crown Goose collaborate to showcase Grand Mercure Crown Goose Suite Room Package from July 20th to August 31st.



Asia’s one of most prominent Hotelplexes, Yongsan Dragon City Hotel Grand Mercure and global luxury goose down bedding brand Crown Goose collaborate to showcase Grand Mercure Crown Goose Suite Room Package from July 20th to August 31st.

Yongsan Dragon City Hotel is a part of Accor Hotel Group from France, and is the largest hotel in Korea with 1,700 rooms, 11 restaurants and bars. The hotel can accommodate up to 4,900 people. Yongsan Dragon City includes four brands: Grand Mercure, Novotel Suites, Novotel Ambassador, and ibis Styles Ambassador.

Crown Goose Suite Room Package is located in Grand Mercure, known as a 6-star hotel from the Accor Hotel Group. Grand Mercure has upto 3 bedrooms, full kitchen facility, and indoor golf course and an access to executive floor lounge.

Grand Mercure’s Crown Goose package room is decorated with royal gold color, which symbolizes success, elegance, and royal authority. This Grand Mercure Suite room displays the top 0.05% of Crown Goose clients’ favorite bedding items. The room package also includes gift box of towel sets.

Crown Goose, a global eiderdown brand has showcased “Crown Goose Room Package” in Hilton hotels before. Hilton’s ocean suite room, the highest room in Hilton accommodated a number of celebrities.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Crown Goose is a goose down brand loved by the world’s top clients and super riches. Crown Goose’s recent clients included New York Manhattan Super Rich’s Residence, 15 Hudson Yards and many Beverly Hills mansions. Thanks to these facts, Crown Goose has established itself as a high-end luxury goose down comforter among the wealthy. 

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PENINSULA Unveils World’s First Official 8K Main Trailer!

(PRESSREELS) CONTENTS PANDA(Next Entertainment World), which presents PENINSULA released the world’s first official main trailer of 8K image quality at noon (Korean time) on June 16, 2020.



Four years after ‘TRAIN TO BUSAN’, Connect with the survivors of the ‘PENINSULA’!

(PRESSREELS) CONTENTS PANDA(Next Entertainment World), which presents PENINSULA released the world’s first official main trailer of 8K image quality at noon (Korean time) on June 16, 2020. The trailer of PENINSULA, a 2020 Cannes Film Festival’s official invitation film, depicts the struggles of those who have survived in different ways for four years after TRAIN TO BUSAN.

↑(CLICK) Enjoy the PENINSULA more vividly with the world’s first official 8K Main Trailer

PENINSULA is an action blockbuster depicting the last battle for survival between the people left behind in the ruins of the Korean peninsula four years after Train to Busan. The upcoming PENINSULA trailer ahead of its worldwide premiere release in the summer of 2020 is full of such big scale action sequences and explosive thrills together with fast-sounding gunfights and car-chasing scenes.

In particular, the official trailer of PENINSULA, which has 8K image quality for the first time in the world, meets the technical specifications of all digital devices and delivers a high level of visual completeness to moviegoers around the world. The 8K trailer, which is 16 times clearer than the FULL HD image quality and 4 times clearer than the 4K image quality, can be enjoyed in 8K, 4K and HD according to the device’s specifications if the 8K main trailer via the NEW’s official channel on YouTube is selected as the highest specification (4320p 8K). Especially, viewers can watch them with a perfect picture quality without an extra setup from the YouTube app on Smart TVs that support either 4K or 8K.

This super high-definition trailer was created through the collaboration of NEW’s digital business corporation NEW ID and SK TELECOM. Among the media-focused core technologies of AI-based Post Production, a joint enterprise between the two companies, the technology called Supernova is a media upscaling solution (up to 8K) to improved quality of image and sound source based on the AI’s deep learning algorithms while maintaining the quality level of the original.

Movie Information


– Director: YEON Sangho (Psychokinesis | Seoul Station | Train to Busan)

– Genre: Disaster, Zombie

– Cast: GANG Dongwon (Illang: The Wolf Brigade | A Violent Prosecutor)

LEE Junghyun (Love, Again | The Battleship Island)


– Production: REDPETER FILMS (Birthday | Psychokinesis | Train to Busan)

– Expected Release Date: Summer 2020

– Logline: 4 years after the inexplicable disaster, they’re returning to the godforsaken land!

– Synopsis

: Jung-seok barely managed to escape from the unprecedented disaster in Korea 4 years ago and lives in exile in Hong Kong by himself. He is given a lucrative chance to return to Korea to retrieve large bags of cash left abandoned in the streets of Seoul. His mission is infiltrated ruined city of Seoul and secure the target truck before the sunrise, then return to Hong Kong unscathed. But he and his team are ambushed by a militia known as Unit 631 and vicious zombie hordes. During his desperate struggle to survive, Jung-seok experiences a moment of deus ex machina as survivor Min-jung and her family save him from brink of death. Together, they formulate one last plan to escape the peninsula for good. The prodigal son, the survivor and the deranged, their bloody battle begins!

Trailer Link

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